Monday, September 18 2017 Written by Administrator  

An entity called, FOOD LOVERS MARKET, is advertising its haraam jellies and gums as ‘SANHA-APPROVED’. Sanha has issued a statement denying its approval. 

The evil of haraam products being advertised as ‘halaal’ in SANHA’s carrion name, is a recurring episode. This is not the first or the second or the third  time it has occurred. This type of shenanigan is an ever-recurring evil. While sometimes the fraud is discovered after ages of using the carrion logo of SANHA or some other carrion certifying villain, there will be cases which go undetected. 

Since the ignorant Muslims in the community have become carrion addicts, it no longer is of any concern to them. Regardless of a product being approved or disapproved, certified or not, it matters not. Like dogs they will devour it with relish. This attitude towards carrion consumption is the curse acquired primarily from these evil, shaitaani carrion-certifying vendors such as SANHA, MJC, NIHT and others of the same haraam ilk. 

The belated announcement by SANHA is futile and totally ineffective. The juhala will continue devouring the haraam sweets to which they have become addicted in SANHA’s name. 

The ‘supervision’ which these carrion shayaateen so much advertise is an evil myth. There is NO supervision. Supervision of the innumerable haraam entities certified by the Carrion cabal is impossible. But the boodle has blinded SANHA & CO. They no longer feel any qualms about bartering away their Imaan for the miserable ‘jeefah’ (carrion) crumbs of the dunya.  They cannot understand the colossal damage they have caused and are still causing the Ummah with their carrion certifying satansim.

27 Zil Hajj 1438 - 18 September 2017