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A Brother from Johannesburg writes:

Assalaamu Alaikum warahmatullahiwabarakaatuhu

Dear Respected Ulama,

I write this in dire need of your righteous council regarding a conflict which has risen among our Muslim community, which we fear may get out of hand. We require you to provide us with the Shar'ee verdict on the following matter in order to resolve this and prevent the perpetration of impermissible acts. May Allah keep us on guidance.

The Muslims who work in businesses in Braamfontein have received news that on Friday an extremely large strike will take place in the area at the time of Jummu'ah and as such they will be forced to remain inside the buildings, preventing them from attending the Masaajid for Jumu'ah Salaah.

Arrangements have been made for the trapped workers to perform Jumu'ah Salaah in the basement of one of the buildings and an Imaam from Mayfair has been called to the site to deliver the Khutbah and lead the congregation.

However, the building in which this is to take place is one with strict security rules. Everyone entering the building is required to sign in with an access-card or be authorized on a computer system. Only then will the people be given clearance to enter the premises.

When a Maulana caught word of this, he immediately objected to the congregation taking place in the basement of the building and expressed that one of the necessary prerequisites for the validity of the Jummu'ah Salaah is the condition of Idhn Aam (unlimited public access without exception). He raised the fact that because only people with authorization and systematically clearances can enter the building, the precondition of IdhnAam (unexceptional public access) is unfulfilled, thereby rendering the Jumu'ah Salaah invalid, despite the remaining conditions being fulfilled.
Shortly thereafter, a woman who is in the habit of deriving rulings from personal opinion, refuted the Maulana's objection and said that he has resorted to this deduction because he has failed to consider all the factors involved and has overlooked the reasons behind the building's strict security.

In response, the Maulana asserted that the Jumu'ah Salaah will remain invalid regardless of whatever the reason was that the condition of IdhnAam was not upheld.
What do the Ulama of Deen and Muftis have to say about all of this? What is the correct opinion on this matter? Are the Muslims to perform Jumu'ah Salaah in the buildings basement or not? What are they to do?

Please respond immediately so that we can put the situation to rest before Jummu'ah arrives, Inshaa Allah.

May Allah guide us, forgive our shortcomings and open the doors of His Mercy to us, Ameen.    Wa Salaam     (End of the Brother’s letter)


There are no two opinions of the Shariah on this issue. In the scenario explained by you, the Maulana is 100% correct. The woman is a JAAHILAH. It is an insult to intelligence to proffer a hearing ear to the Jaahilah.

The mock ‘jumuah’ salaat performed in the basement will not be valid. Furthermore, there is no need for anyone to cast himself into a situation where he will become trapped for the sake of the dunya.

If the alleged strike will be taking place, then it will be imperative for the Muslim traders and workers in the vicinity to remain at home on Friday. They should not open their businesses nor should Muslim workers report for work.  The choice is between the carrion of the dunya and the Fardh Jumuah Salaat. It is despicable and haraam for Muslims to accord preference to the jeefah (carrion) of the world. Closing the businesses this Friday will NOT be any sacrifice. It will be a small trial.

When the Muslim is confronted by a clash between the Deen and dunya, his Imaan should constrain him to abandon the dunya without batting an eyelid, and opt for the Deen and the everlasting success of the Aakhirat.

In the event some unfortunate and miserable lovers of the dunya become entrapped in the situation explained by you, they should perform Zuhr Salaat INDIVIDUALLY, NOT IN JAMAA’T, AND ALSO WITHOUT ATHAAN AND WITHOUT IQAAMAH.


10 Safar 1439 (31 October 2017)