Tuesday, April 24 2018 Written by Administrator  

A Brother writes:

Please comment on the following activity initiated by women:

“It is with much sadness that we see such wrong activities that are taking place today and one does not even regard it to be sinful. More so, these activities lead us to greater fitnah and sin especially in the times we are living in.

I have come across an ad about a team of Muslim ladies planning a trip to Turkey for females only.  It is called a retreat - "find your future, journey to Turkey". i have not seen anyone among the Ulama  speaking against this evil.  May Allah guide us All.”


You have not seen any ulama commenting because the world is empty of Ulama. There now remains only TRASH. Regarding this trash, Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“The Saaliheen are departing one after the other (in quick succession). Then there will remain only ghutha (rubbish, trash, chaff) like the chaff of dates or barley. Allah will not have the slightest care (of mercy) for them”


As sad and lamentable as the trip of the Prostitutes masquerading as Muslims is, it should be understood that we are in Aakhiruz Zamaan –the Last of Ages and close to Qiyaamah. This type of prostitute fitnah and worse have been predicted. These are signs of the Impending Hour.

 The group of prostitutes embarking on the haraam journey is not a Muslim group.  They are in fact not Muslims. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that it is not lawful for a woman who believes in Allah and the Last Day to embark on a journey without a mahram.” Therefore these women are not Muslims although they masquerade as Muslims and sport Muslim names. They are all the daughters of Shaitaan. They are shaitaan’s traps. And, this is confirmed by Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) who said that women, i.e. of this prostitute ilk, are habaailush shaitaan (the snares of shaitaan). 

Also, on the occasion when shaitaan was expelled from the heavens, he supplicated for traps with which he could ply his trade of deception and evil. Allah Ta’ala, granting his supplication said that “women will be your traps”. They are the women of the kind who undertake journeys without their mahrams, and women who prowl around the streets and public places enticing men into their tentacles. 

It should also be understood that women being traps are not restricted to prostitutes of the kind who will be embarking on the trip to Hell. They are even the women who go to the Musjid, who attend public lectures at the behest of the ulama-e-soo’ who lure them out of their homes. These molvis labour in the self-deception of engaging in a deeni act by luring women out of their homes to listen to their lectures. Shaitaan has cast a veil on their eyes and he has urinated on their brains with the trick of “separate facilities for ladies”. They are just too stupid to see through shaitaan’s smokescreen.


Brother, there is much worse to come. People of the Deen will then wish to be under the ground.

8 Sha’baan 1439 (25 April 2018)