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Oppressive haraam practices springing from the inordinate demands of the lustful nafs are causing much hardship to many people caught up in this evil whirlwind of the nafs. The following letter which is being reproduced verbatim, portrays the hardships which arrogant miscreants having no regard for the Deen and for others impose on those whom they baselessly regard as their subordinates. The Sister laments:


Before I got married, my husbands brother decided that all the male cousins with the family surname should take a turn hosting eid breakfast for the family of +- 50 people. With the family growing each year with each new marriage and each new birth.

This has been for the past 4 years or so. My husband Is afraid because he thinks that his turn is next year and I explained to him that I am an only daughter from a very small family with parents who are 72 years old and that most of my female cousins are so far away from me that I have no one to call to help me cook a meal for 50 people.

I told him I have no intention of even trying to do this and as we are both the youngest of our families that we still have to save money for Haj and try and buy a house one day that it is unfair for his family to expect this of us, since they have their homes and have performed Haj and have a lot of support and help from family and have two maids to clean up after them.

We live in a two bedroom flat, which is another worry I have. That having to host 50 people, I would have to hire a place just to put all of these people. And my husband was thinking of catering the food if I can't manage to cook. I can't justify this for something that wasn't even my husbands idea. It is a financial strain that is unnecessary.

Am I correct in my thinking? I am feeling bad for putting my husband in the predicament to say "no" but I feel it an unrealistic expectation on me as his wife to do these things that I never agreed to.

He doesn't know how to tell his brother no since he is so much younger than him and because his brother will probably give him grief about it.

How would he go about telling his brother no in a respectful way that doesn't cause any bad blood?

(End of the Sister’s valid lament)



This family-eid-day function is an inspiration of Iblees. You should not succumb to the haraam pressure of your brother-in-law who is driven by the Devil. He has no right over you nor over your husband. As far as you are concerned he is a total stranger, in fact a vagabond. In Rasulullah’s words, he is your “death”. Besides there being absolutely no basis in the Shariah for this satanically wasteful and oppressive falsely dubbed ‘family-eid’ function, it is a glaringly haraam custom innovated at the behest of Shaitaan. The brains of your brother-in-law are infested with divinely cast rijs (filth). Regarding such rijs which derange the intellectual equilibrium of a person, the Qur’aan Majeed states: “Thus, Allah casts rijs (filth) on those who lack intelligence.”


Waste of money, especially at a time when millions of the Ummah are suffering and struggling for just food, subjecting the womenfolk to zulm, and the motivation of riya (show), ujub (self-esteem) and takabbur (pride / arrogance), gathering of men and women in flagrant violation of Purdah, etc. are some of the factors which render this satanic ‘eid’ feast a major Haraam sin.


Sister, do not be pressurized by your brother-in-law nor by your husband into submitting to their shaitaani demands. Your thinking is 100% correct and in conformity with the Shariah. Your husband has no right to impose this oppressive burden on you.


Also understand that in opposing satanism you will not be able to prevent ‘bad blood’. In this case creating ‘bad blood’ is in fact a noble virtue for which you will be rewarded.


All ‘eid’ functions are in conflict with the Shariah. There is no such thing as an eid’ party in Islam. On Eid days, people should remain at home. Feast with the wife and children at home and engage in Ibaadat. Eid is not an occasion for inviting Iblees into the home and seeking his advice and acting at his command to fulfil the lustful behests of the inordinately evil nafs.


Those who organize eid functions are all agents of Iblees and slaves of their lusts. In the family there should be some who will resolutely oppose these haraam functions. Excuses should not be made. Discharge the obligation of Amr Bil Ma’roof by informing the miscreants who organize such haraam parties that you will not participate because the function is Haraam. Do not be concerned with the annoyance, anger and the ‘bad blood’ which your Amr Bil Ma’roof will generate. The effects of Amr Bil Ma’roof invites the Pleasure of Allah Ta’ala. Be concerned with Allah’s Pleasure, not the pleasure of the miscreant relatives.


Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that those who court the pleasure of the people and in the process invite the displeasure of Allah Ta’ala, He will cast such people to the miscreants who will not be able to benefit them in any way, neither in this world nor in the Aakhirat.

23 Ramadhaan 1439 – 8 June 2018