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“(Remember) when Ibraaheem said to his father: ’O my father! Why do you worship such (object) which cannot hear nor see nor benefit you in any way?’”   (Maryam, Aayat 42)

“O my father! Verily, there has come to me such knowledge which has not come to you. Therefore, follow me, for I shall guide you to the Straight Path.”(Maryam, Āyat 43)

“O my father! do not worship Shaitaan. Verily, Shaitaan is disobedient unto Ar- Rahmaan.”  (Maryam, Āyat 44)

“O my father! Verily, I fear that a punishment from Ar-Rahmaan will overtake you, then you will become a friend to Shaitaan.”  (Maryam, Āyat 45)

“By Allah! I shall most certainly plan (to destroy) your idols.”  (Al-Ambiya, Āyat 57)

“Then, he (Ibraaheem) smashed them (the idols) into bits.”  (Al-Ambiya, Āyat 58)

“What! Do you worship besides Allah such objects which neither benefit you in any way whatsoever nor can harm you? Woe for you and for the objects you worship besides Allah. What, have you no sense?”  (Al-Ambiya, Āyaat 66, 67)

“Among people is he who disputes in (the laws) of Allah without knowledge, without guidance and without a glittery Kitaab, in pride, in order to mislead from the path of Allah. For him is disgrace in the dunya. We shall give him to taste the punishment of the scorching fire on the day of Qiyamah.”  (Al-Hajj, Āyat 3)

The aforegoing Qur’aanic Aayaat as well as many other verses spell out vividly the Muslim’s reaction to any stance of compromise with baatil, dhalaal and kufr.

While the Qur’aan forbids compromise and dalliance with the people of baatil, the Jaahil Tariq Dajjaal wallowing in compound ignorance promotes a confounded confederation and acceptance of kufr and baatil ideologies which Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) was divinely commissioned to eradicate. And, this was the mission of all the Ambiya (Alayhimus Saaam).

While the Jaahil Dajjaal preaches that Muslims and Shiahs should respect each other’s beliefs, the Qur’aan denounces all beliefs of kufr and commands dissociation from the kuffaar and mushrikeen.

In the Qur’aanic verses mentioned above, Nabi Ibraaheem (Alayhis Salaam) very clearly deprecates the false deities of his father. He unambiguously proclaims Tauheed and warns his father of a dire punishment from Allah Ta’ala. Criticizing the kufr beliefs, he very clearly informs his father of friendship with shaitaan should he continue with his kufr worship.

The Qur’aan does not allow an embrace with the kuffaar which will result in abstention from proclaiming the Haqq of Islam. Ibraaheem (Alayhis Salaam) acquits himself with remarkable explicitness in the declaration of da’wat and Tauheed, the mission for which he was appointed as a Nabi. He candidly informs his father that in the wake of kufr/shirk comes friendship with Shaitaan and Allah’s punishment. Nabi Ibraaheem (Alayhis Salaam) does not refrain from proclaiming Tauheed and denouncing the kufr of his father for the sake of living in harmony and peace with the idolaters and his father as the Tariq Dajjaal preaches. Thus, the Dajjaal’s advice to hug and embrace the shiahs and to refrain from castigating and rejecting their obnoxious beliefs of kufr is intolerable to Muslims, and prohibited by the Qur’aan Majeed.

The mission of all the Ambiya (Alayhimus Salaam) was to denounce baatil and to call mankind to the Haqq without the slightest compromise with kufr. Ibraaheem (Alayhis Salaam) in his proclamation of the Haqq went to the extent of physically smashing the idols of the kuffaar without a care for the type of ‘harmony and coexistance’ preached by Tariq Jameel Dajjaal and the conglomerate of the modernist Zanaadaqah whom Shaitaan has recruited to achieve his objective of destroying mankind.

The Qur’an commands proclamation of the Haqq, rejection of baatil, no compromise and no harmony with the people of baatil. Therefore, it is not possible for Muslims to accept Tariq Dajjaal’s advocacy of acceptance and compromise with Shahs and the kuffaar in general. For those who fraternize with the people of baatil and kufr, Allah Ta’ala says:

“What! Have you no sense?”

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