Eid With Makkah?

Tuesday, August 21 2018 Written by Administrator  



After three decades, the MJC  produces a stale fatwa which claimed that celebrating Eid with Makkah  is incumbent. This view which  the MJC sheikhs, lacking in sound  Knowledge, had based on  a fatwa issued by Al-Azhar University, was refuted by us in detail decades ago. Our detailed refutation is available to anyone who is interested.

On this issue, it is essential to understand  the following facts:
1) There is no principle/tenet in the Shariah on the basis of which  incumbency  could be claimed for  the whole world  to celebrate Eid with Makkah. This view is pure personal opinion  which is bereft of any Shar’i substantiation.

2) Contrary  to  the fatwa of Azhar and the MJC’s taqleedi view (taqleed of the modernist, deviant Al-Azhar), it is incumbent  to initiate the Islamic months and to  uphold the various Islamic  dates and auspicious occasions on the basis of the Waajib principle of sighting the crescent moon.  Eid shall therefore be incumbent on the basis of the  confirmed sighting of the moon, NOT on the basis of  Eid being declared in Makkah.

3) The issue of Eid with Makkah currently is even more corrupt in view of the declaration made by the kuffaar regime of Saudi Arabia. This regime masquerades as Muslim  when in reality it is Munaafiq.

4) The Day of Arafah for us in South Africa, and in fact for the entire world this year, is on Tuesday 21st August 2018  (9th Zil Hajj) regardless of it  having been declared to have been on Monday 20 August in Saudi Arabia.

5) Every community should follow the Islamic month as confirmed by actual sighting of the moon.  This is the command of the Shariah.

6) The MJC’s 1988 article is bunkum devoid of Shar’i substance.

7) Noteworthy, is the MJC’s  failure to  follow its own fatwa. Despite the fatwa of 1988, the MJC with the Muslims in the Western Cape, have not abided by the corrupt view of  Eid with Makkah  for all these 30 years except for  a tiny group of miscreants. If it was so ‘incumbent’ to have Eid with Makkah, then what had prevented the MJC from acting in accordance with their own stupid fatwa? The MJC with  bogus ‘uucsa’ acted in stark conflict with this 1988 fatwa. 

These MJC characters are opportunists and fence-sitters. They lack in entirety  in Deeni fibre. They are among the worst mudhilleen about whom Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:
“Verily, I fear for my Ummah the aimmah mudhilleen (i.e. those sheikhs and molvis who misguide the masses.).”
In one narration Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) expressed greater fear for these miscreant characters  than for even Dajjaal.

Why are they having Eid in Cape Town on Wednesday, 22 August, when it is Eid today (Tuesday 21 August) in Makkah? What is the hidden agenda underlying the  circulation of the corrupt 1988 Fatwa?  It can only be Saudi riyals and other  perks!

9 Zul Hajj 1439 -- 21 August 2018