Tuesday, November 13 2018 Written by Administrator  


At Pick ‘n Pay’s Tokai branch in Cape Town, so-called halaal chicken and so-called halaal meat products certified by the Western Cape carrion halaalizer, the MJC, were being stored in the same freezer together with swine meat (pork/vark). While this MJC agent of Iblees always peddles the theme of their so-called strict supervision, others had to draw attention to this malpractice.

This is not the first nor the tenth time that members of the Muslim community had discovered serious irregularities at outlets certified halaal by the Maitah-certifying MJC. Never did the so-called MJC supervisors ever discover any haraam irregularities at any of their carrion-certified outlets. It was always others who had kept the carrion-consuming community apprized of the pork malpractices and the shenanigans of the business-houses who cannot be concerned in the least regarding the requisites of the Shariah for meat products to be halaal. And, perennially, the kuffaar traders have proffered the ‘mishap’ or ‘new employee’ excuse and the flapdoodle assurance of‘re-educating’ their staff. Such stupidities are eagerly swallowed and digested by the Carrion Halaalizer, for this is the only flimsy veneer it has in its attempt to cover up the evil irregularity in order to perpetuate the myth of the kuffaar meat and chicken products being ‘halaal’.

This latest pork-debacle reveals the ugly supervision lie. Only those who volitionally consume carrion will believe the stupid excuses which the MJC and Pick n’ Pay and others offer for the carrion chicken, and meat and swine-vark being stored in the same freezer. This is an ever recurring debacle which must have alerted numerous Muslims to the satanism of the MJC’s carrion-certifying profession. 

Muslims who are genuinely concerned with their Deen and the protection of their Imaan, will not have the slightest trust on the MJC nor have any confidence in the carrion stupidities they dole out as excuses for their gross failure of supervising  the carrion outlets which they  certify in  total conflict with the Shariah.

5 Rabiul Awwal 1440 -13 November 2018