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In an OPEN LETTER dated 6 December 2018,  Mr.Z.S.Omarjee, the former Chief  Operations Officer for 5 years of the Al-Ansaar Foundation, has made allegations of massive fraud and haraam shenanigans.  Undoubtedly, Mr.Omarjee is in possession of substantial solid evidence to substantiate the litany of charges he has levelled at the Board of Directors of this shaitaani Foundation.

There will be occasion in the future for considerable comment on these allegations. For the purpose of this Naseehat, our concentration is on the Shar’i aspects pertaining to the Zakaat, Lillah and other categories of funds which the Muslim public had contributed to this miscreant Foundation.

For decades we have been warning the Muslim community of the HARAAM shenanigans of these modernist Zakaat-Lillah collecting agencies whose operations are run by fussaaq and fujjaar, even by munaafiqeen and murtaddeen. We have warned that Fi Sabeelillah funds intended for Deeni avenues are not validly discharged by these organizations which in terms of the Shariah are person’a grata.

Organizations such as this Al-Ansaar Foundation, SANZAF and the Al-Fida outfit in Port Elizabeth are Islamically unqualified and incompetent to handle Zakaat, Lillah, Kaffaarah and even interest funds. It is conspicuously clear from Mr.Omarjee’s array of charges that there has been massive abuse of these funds of Shar’i designation.  Neither has the obligation of Zakaat been discharged nor of the Lillaah funds.

Those who had contributed funds of any kind, Zakaat or Lillaah, should heed Mr.Omarjee’s advice, and more than his advice, heed the command of the Shariah by demanding a refund of all their contributions. If the shaitaani Foundation refuses to effect the necessary refunds, the contributors should resort to legal action to compel the organization to return the contributions to enable the people to validly fulfil their Zakaat and Lillaah obligations in accordance with the requisites of the Shariah.

Tens of millions of rands of Zakaat and Lillaah funds collected by several modernist bodies in the name of the Deen are annually being grossly abused. On the Day of Qiyaamah the contributors will have no valid reason in the Court of Allah Ta’ala to defend themselves when indicted for not fulfilling their Zakaat obligations. You have been warned by the Ulama that it is haraam to entrust your contributions to those who are unqualified in terms of the Shariah. They are Khaa-in and perpetrate Khiyaanat on a massive scale.  This is now confirmed by Mr. Omarjee who had occupied the highest post in the shaitaani Foundation. He is the expert of the detailed functioning of the organization.

Allah Ta’ala operates in mysterious ways which are not always fathomable to us.  He disgraces incorrigible miscreants – those beyond the pale of redemption – from within their own ranks.  There is a limit to the rot that can be swept under the carpet. The abhorrent stench of the khiyaanat from under the carpet becomes overwhelming. The bloating corpse of haraam must ultimately explode. This has now happed to the Ansaarush Shaitaan Foundation.


We take this opportunity to warn the Muslim public regarding the Al-Fida outfit in Port Elizabeth. This is primarily a non-Muslim aiding concern having motives which are ulterior in terms of the Shariah. It is haraam to entrust your contributions to Al-Fida’ whether it be Zakaat, Lillaah or even interest monies. Insha-Allah, a detailed exposure of this haraam outfit shall be published.

16 Rabiyuth Thaani 1440 - 24 December 2018

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