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The MURTAD MJC juhala acquitting themselves with shaitaani jahaalat and conspicuously displaying their total ignorance of the Shariah, made preposterous and stupid claims regarding the haraam, baatil, shirki wedding between a professed Muslim woman and a Hindu. The claims of the MJC are entirely expected from a bunch of juhala of their ilk. The jaahil, Taha Karaan is among the foremost Mudhilleen paving the pathway of Jahannam for other juhala who may have become entrapped in the deception of these juhala MJC personnel.

(1)  These juhala claim that the “‘nikah’ was valid since the groom embraced Islam prior to marriage.”

Embracing Islam is not confined to a parrot-recitation of the Kalimah. The indulgence in Hindu shirk rituals expunge even the Imaan of a born Muslim. The ‘embracing’ of Islam by the Hindu who had participated in the Hindu shirk marriage customs, was a mock embrace of Islam. His Imaan was not valid, and even if  by some form of donkey’s imagination it should be assumed that he had sincerely embraced Islam, then too, participation in the Hindu rituals  expunged the fledging ‘imaan’ which has been imagined in  terms of donkey brains. THE NIKAH WAS BAATIL.

(2) The MJC juhala claimed: “The crucial issue was not the garlanding, etc. It was the walk around the fire.”

In addition to the Hindu-wedding garlanding ceremony and every other Hindu custom of shirk at the wedding being of CRUCIAL importance for  the decree of Irtidaad, of greater crucially is the Hindu walk around the fire. In a most flapdoodle, shaitaani attempt to justify this capital shirk and kufr fire-walk, the juhala of the MJC say:

“Most, if not all, did not know what the walk around the fire symbolizes. Was it a religious custom…….Going to extremes in the shaitaani demonstration of jahaalat, dubiousness and wholesale kithb, the shayaateen of the MJC most ridiculously proffer the justification:

“Sh.Ebrahim and Sh.Igsaan also did not know what the walk around the fire symbolized.”

Not even a drunk lout will accept this stupid justification. These two so-called ‘sheikhs’ – sheikhs of shaitaan – should drown themselves in the ignominy of their irtdaad. They have made a ludicrous mockery and laughing stock of themselves in their stupid attempt to wriggle out of the satanic trap of irtidaad. Even if these two juhala were unaware of the symbolization of shirk and kufr of the shaitaani ‘tawaaf’ of the fire, surely they must have had sufficient brains, despite its vermiculation, to understand that it was an integral  marriage custom and constituent of the religious marriage ceremony of the Hindu mushrikeen. Participation in any religious custom of any religion besides Islam is KUFR even if it is only of secular content, not religious. But a religious custom of an idolatrous religion such as Hinduism which is the embodiment and epitome of shirk of the worst kind, is pure shirk.

While accepting that the two MJC so-called ‘sheikhs’ are the repositories of extreme jahaalat which render them greater juhala than even Abu Jahl,  it is totally unacceptable that they are unaware  that the wedding customs in which they had participated were Hindu rituals dedicated to shirk –gods and goddesses and the like. Even a child understands that the rituals of Hinduism are haraam and shirk. Yet these two jaahils supposed ‘leaders’ of the Muslim community plead the unacceptable jahaalat of being unaware regarding the  Hindu rituals in which they had participated and in consequence became MURTADS.

Regardless of being ignorant of the symbolic of the customs of shirk and kufr, participation in and/or approval thereof is KUFR according to the Shariah.  Even if a Muslim is ignorant of what the Christian cross symbolizes, he becomes a murtad if he worships the cross. He knows that it is a religious item and ritual of the Christians, hence his Imaan is extinguished   when he worships a cross.  It is worse when participating in any Hindu ritual. All their rituals are inextricably interwoven with shirk of the worst kind. So whether the two MJC juhala were aware or not of the shirki symbols of the fire walk and of the other Hindu rituals, their skin is not saved from irtidaad. They are MURTADS. Their mere approval and participation in this whole wedding of shirk and kufr jettisoned them out of the fold of Islam.

The Hindu Mangal Phera ritual

In this  ritual of shirk, the  bride and the groom  make seven ‘tawaafs’ around their ‘sacred’ fire, while they invoke the ‘gods’ for their various needs, and while the priest chants the ‘holy mantras’ brimming with shirk. The following article explains this ritual of shirk in greater detail.

Know what the seven pheras mean.

Hindu marriage ceremonies involve elaborate rituals, one of the most important being the "saat phere" or the seven steps to marriage. This ritual involves the bride and groom circumambulating around the sacred fire seven times while the priest chants the holy mantras. With every step, the couple invokes the Gods to shower their blessings on them.

The significance of each sacred "phera" is as follows:

First Step:
The couple invokes the gods for plenty of pure and nourishing food. "With God as our guide, let us take the first step to live with honour and respect. Let us walk together so we get food," the couple prays.

Second Step:
With the second step, the couple prays to the Gods to give them the mental, physical and spiritual strength to lead a healthy life. "Let us be happy and enjoy life. Let us walk together so we grow together in strength," they pray.

Third Step: 
The third step is for preserving wealth and prosperity in life. The chant at this stage means, "let us share joys and pains together. Let us walk together so we get wealth."

Fourth Step:
With the fourth step, the bride and groom invoke the gods for attainment of happiness and harmony by mutual love and trust in all walks of life. "Let us not forget parents and elders. Let us walk together so we get happiness by sharing our joys and sorrows," they say.

Fifth Step:
They pray for the welfare of all living beings in the Universe and pray for virtuous, noble and heroic children." Let us observe all acts of charity. Let us walk together so we have family," the mantras say.

Sixth Step: 
They ask the gods to give them a long, joyous life and togetherness forever. "Let us live a long and peaceful life. Let us walk together so we have joy," the couple prays.

Seventh Step:
With the seventh, and last, step, the couple prays for understanding, companionship, loyalty and unity. "Let us be friends with love and sacrifice. Let us walk together so we have friendship," the holy chants signify. 
After the seventh step has been taken, the groom says to the bride: "With seven steps we have become friends. Let me reach your friendship. Let me not be severed from your friendship. Let your friendship not be severed from me." With completion of the saptapadi, the two are pronounced husband and wife.

The Kanyadaan ritual

Briefly, this ritual of shirk just as all other rituals consists among other haraam customs, praises for their ‘god of love’:

“The bride’s father or in some cases both the parents place their hand on top and sometimes pour Ganga Jal or a  mix of Ganga Jal and Milk over the joined hands, all the while repeating after the priest chanting verses in praise of Kamadeva, the God of Love.”……..

“The groom is considered a representation of Lord Vishnu all through the wedding ……”

The Hindu wedding ceremony is shirk and kufr from beginning to end. Shaitaan has urinated in the brains of the MJC juhala ‘sheikhs’, and even excreted in the brains of Taha Karaan who has abortively sought to accord acceptance to the worst customs of kufr and shirk. He and the whole gamut of miserable so-called ‘sheikhs’ come fully within the scope of Rasulullah’s stricture:

“An age will dawn when the worst of the people under the canopy of the sky will be their ulama. From them will evolve fitnah (the fitnah of fisq, fujoor, shirk and kufr), and this fitnah will rebound on them.”

The Mashaaikh have said that under the ‘canopy of the sky’ are also the Yahood, Nasaaraa, mushrikeen, apes and pigs. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) described these ulama-e-soo as the worst. That means that they are worse than every creature under ther sky, worse than even khanaazeer.

This is a brief response to the shaitaaniyat, baatil and kufr of Taha Karaan and the two MURTAD MJC juhala sheikhs. The other haraam/baatil aspects of justification shall be discussed in a future article soon, Insha-Allah.

To be continued, Insha-Allah

14 Jamaadul Ulaa 1440 - 21 January 2019