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Pictography & Videography of Living Beings or any other Unlawful & Sinful Ways for the Propagation of the Deen Are Not Permissible



Question (Number 166010)

What do the respected Mutiyaan say regarding those individuals who are involved in refuting the firqah baatilah (deviated sects, e.g. Qadiyaanis, Parwezis, Shakeelis, Raafzis, Ghair-Muqallids, etc.) by conveying their message to the people in the form of videos.

Since the masses do not pay much attention to audio forms, the message which needs to be conveyed to the Ummah does not reach them. Therefore, they take the aid of such videos in which animate pictures appear.

Is it permissible to make videos (of living beings) for such purposes?


In the name of ALLAAH, The Most Merciful, The Ever Merciful

In Islam videography and pictography of humans or any living being are haraam (prohibited/impermissible), along with it being accursed (mal-oon). The Ahaadeeth are replete with severe warnings for pictography. For details please refer to the work of Mufti Shafee’ (rahmatullaahi ‘alaih) titled “Tasweer ke Shar’i Ahkaam”.

Accordingly, in the light of the Fataawaa and explanations of the Akaabir (Senior) ‘Ulamaa of Deoband, the ruling of digital pictures is the same as that of hand-drawn pictures i.e.  The Nusoos of the Sharee’ah include both kind of pictures. The Ahlul-ilm (Ulama) are duty-bound to discharge the obligation of Tableegh of the Deen only within the confines and boundaries of the Sharee’ah, not beyond that. In other words for the Tableegh of the Deen the Ahlul-ilm (Ulama) are obliged to use only such methods and ways which are lawful and permissible. The Ahlul-ilm are in executing their obligation of Tableegh are not obliged to utilize any unlawful and sinful ways.

Moreover it is not at all permissible to propagate the Deen by means of unlawful and impermissible ways and methods because by transgressing (violating/breaking) the laws of the Deen it will be the propagation of something other than the Deen. (It will be the propagation of transgression and sin which will bring in its wake deviation thus inviting Divine Wrath – Translator). Likewise the ways of spreading Islam and the ways of spreading kufr (disbelief) and dhalaal (deviation) differ, hence the use of impermissible methods is in completely contradiction of the teachings, ethos and spirit of Islam. It is for this reason that every Jamaa’at (Group) of Ahlul-Haqq since the very first era (of Islam) abstained from using any impermissible (unlawful) ways for the Tableegh of the Deen.

Hence utilising the means of pictography and videography of humans or any living beings for the Tableegh of the Deen will not be permissible.  And ALLAH Ta’aala knows best.

(Translated from Urdu)

21 Shawwaal 1440 – 25 June 2019