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Please comment on the Al-Farouq Institute. This group had appeared to be fighting the Cause of the Sunnah. It is an anti-Shiah group. However, some of the activities it is now engaging in leave serious doubts in the mind regarding its allegiance to the Ahlus Sunnah. They are involved in the following activities:

Is this group a genuine Sunni outfit?


The plethora of haraam activities in which this Al-Farouq group indulges, loudly testifies to its butlaan. They may have begun as a defender of the Deen, but Shaitaan has possessed them. The indulgence in evil, sin, fisq and fujoor as enumerated by you, confirms their dhalaalat (deviance). 

They have been ensnared by Iblees. Shaitaan has swallowed them. Hence, despite their stance against Shi’ism, they are in reality agents of Iblees.  Shaitaan operates in extremely cunning and subtle ways.  This group is trapped in the tentacles of Shaitaan, hence their brains are unable to understand the glaringly haraam activities which they are promoting and indulging in. 

Their blatant association with the Devil’s Mouthpiece, namely, the so-called ‘radio islam’, and their dalliances with females are the clearest evidence for the deviance of this group of unfortunate fellows. Shaitaan’s snare consists of traps and allurements coloured with Deeni hues. 

Muslims should not be fooled by the shiah chimera which these chaps are dangling. It is merely a cover to camouflage the Satanism in which they have become entrapped and which they are promoting in the name of the Deen. 

The belief that pictography of animate objects is permissible cancels their Imaan. They have thus entered into the domain of zandaqah. Those who halaalize haraam and baatil with baatil interpretation are zindeeqs. Zandaqah is a category of kufr. 

These liberals who are in reality zindeeqs halaalize also abandonment of Purdah. By stupid interpretation they lustfully promote emergence of females from their homes to participate in their satanic programmes which shaitaan has painted with Deeni hues. 

The monstrosity of their moronity and the stupidity of their brains have induced them to believe that despite women being banned from the Musaajid for Salaat on the basis of the daleel of the Ijma’ of the Ummah beginning with the Ijma’ of the Sahaabah, it is permissible for women to leave their homes to participate in the shaitaani merrymaking functions of the kind organized by the deviates of the Al-Farouq group. How can they be espousing the Cause of the Sahaabah when they are in gross violation of the Ijma’ of the Sahaabah? Their anti-Shiah mumblings is the trap of Iblees to cast Muslims into the rot of immorality leading to kufr. 

A jaahil, deviate molvi associated with this group had recently invited a Christian priest to propagate Christianity and to disparage Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and Islam right inside the Musjid. This moron molvi in the U.K. was, and perhaps may still be vociferous in his anti-Shiah stance. But it is all a trap of Iblees. By means of this bait, Muslims were ensnared to listen to a Christian priest disparaging Islam and propagating Christianity right inside the Musjid where the moron happens to be the imaam. Indeed, we are living in the era termed Aakhiruz Zamaan (the Last of Ages). 

The essay competitions and the haraam prizes doled out are the attributes of gambling regardless of the Fiqhi definition of maisar not being applicable. But the reality in terms of Islamic morality, is that these kuffaar-oriented acts are gambling – haraam gambling which open the door for technical gambling (maisar). 

Although they ostensibly, but deceptively, portray themselves as supporters of the Sahaabah, they are in reality enemies of the Sahaabah and of the Deen. Their westernized methodology bears ample testimony for this villainy which they are promoting in the name of Islam. But they are far, very far from Islam.  They are utterly bereft of the spirit of Islam – the spirit of the Qur’aan and of the Sunnah. They stink of the spirit of westernism. May Allah Ta’ala save the ignorant Muslims from the clutches of these agents of Iblees.

13 Zil Hajj 1440 – 15 August 2019