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29 Rabiuth Thaani 1433 – 23 March 2012


"Soon will there dawn over the people an age when nothing will be left of Islam but its name, and nothing will be left of the Qur'aan, but its text. Their Musaajid will be beautifully adorned (buildings) devoid of guidance. Ulama will be the worst of people under the canopy of the sky. From them will emerge Fitnah, and the fitnah will rebound on them (hemming them in and destroying them." -- Mishkaat

"The Hour (of Qiyaamah) will not come to pass until the people mutually vie with  Musaajid (structures)." – Abu Daawod, Ibn Hibbaan

"An age will dawn when people will mutually vie with one another with abundance of Musaajid which they will not frequent except a few."
(Al-Mu'jamul Ausat)

Almost all the Musaajid being built nowadays conspicuously testify to the  Truth of Rasulullah's Nubuwwat. One of the attributes of Nubuwwat is the materialization or fulfillment  of the predictions made by the Nabi. In fulfillment of Rasulullah's prediction, the satanically extravagant  Musjid structure in Houghton funded by the Saudi king and costing an obscene amount of R54 million has special significance because in South Africa  no other futile monument disguised as a Musjid hitherto has  cost such a huge sum of money. In this regard a comparison with the Turkish monument is not being made for the simple reason that the Turkish 'mosque' is part of a C.I.A. conspiracy, hence not a Musjid in the true meaning of the Shariah.  Furthermore, this Saudi monument erected in the attempt to establish Saudi hegemony here is and will be bereft of guidance as predicted in the Hadith by Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam), mentioned above.  The Satanism of this huge wasteful expenditure is corroborated by the Qur'aanic aayat: "And, do not be extravagant  (in expenditure). Verily, the wasters are the brothers of the shayaateen (devils)." – Al-Ahzaab, aayat 27  Thus, all  collaborators in this monument are  the 'brothers of the shayaateen."
The  satanic waste is further confirmed by the fact  that this Saudi Musjid monument will  remain largely unpopulated by musallis. A handful of musallis will sporadically attend. Houghton is not a  Muslim-populated locality. The vacant Musjid which will  constantly be cursing  the  Saudis and the  miscreant South African trustees who are collaborators in this evil waste, fulfils the second part of the prediction in the Hadith, namely, only a few people will frequent the Musjid.
The Saudis and the South African collaborators are immoral actors in this futile and redundant structure in which R54 million rand  has been flushed down the drain to please shaitaan.  The monument is obscene and the   perpetrators are immoral when this redundant structure is viewed in the light of the  dire needs of the suffering Ummah at large. There are thousands and thousands of villages in the Muslim and non-Muslim world where  there is not a single Musjid to serve the Deeni requirements of the local Muslim communities. Since there is no name and no  cheap fame for constructing true and vibrant little Musaajid in  the remote Muslim villages dotting all over in Muslim countries, the Saudis will not  even raise a glance in that direction.
With R54 million, at least 1,200 (one thousand two hundred) small Musjids to cater for  approximately 60,000 musallis who  will attend  the Musaajid on a daily basis,  could have been constructed in places where jahaalat,  kufr and Christian missionaries dominate and operate. Furthermore, all these Musaajid would have served the dual Deeni  purpose of a Musjid and a Maktab to cater for the elementary Waajib ta'leem of the spiritually starved children of the villages – children who are fodder for the satanic kufr  evangelical  machine of the missionaries who operate in almost every remote corner of the Muslim world. Go to the remotest Muslim village, and you will find a church, an a borehole established by missionaries. Muslims of the village have to rely on water supplied by the kuffaar evangelists whilst the Saudi king squanders hundreds of millions of dollars in wasteful monuments and other haraam  avenues.   
There where the true need lies to expend  the ni'mat of money for the benefit of the Ummah, the hearts of  these stone-hearted Saudis and their collaborators never ever will dwell. But, the ultimate destination of haraam money is haraam avenues, hence this haraam monument.
According to the Star report, Shaikh Maiqily was taken  by the Saudi puppets and the South African poodles to visit the wasteful monument. Instead of the Shaikh offering Rasulullah's naseehat on these  extravagant  Signs of Qiyaamah, he  expressed his approval and satisfaction and hope to be back in July for the grand opening of the Saudi monument.  Yet, there is no such thing as a grand opening of a Musjid.  But since the monument is NOT a Musjid in the spirit of the Deen,  it is being subjected to activities which are associated with public malls, casinos and the like, hence the so-called  grand and official opening. A Musjid which is dedicated  to Allah Azza Wa Jal is officially opened with the  Muath-thin's Athaan and the first Musalli's Salaat. There is absolutely no other Shar'i ceremony to mark  what is  stupidly termed  the 'official' opening of the Musjid.  These people are all obscene and  ignorant of the Shariah. Therefore they are capable of blurting out  just any ghutha spawned by their nafs.
An Aalim of the Deen is supposed to be the Representative of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam), not the ambassador of the cruel  Saudi king who lies sprawled at  the feet of the U.S.A. having betrayed the Cause of Islam and the Ummah, and  daily remaining a silent  and obsequious observer of the massacres of different segments of the Ummah in various parts of the world. The Saudi king is desirous of exporting his hegemony, yet he  lacks the ability to even open his mouth like a toothless dog and at least bark in favour and sympathy of the  suffering Muslim masses being brutalized by the U.S.A. master in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Somalia and elsewhere. Only a Ruler who has the ability to brandish the Sword in defense of the Ummah has the right to claim hegemony over the Ummah, and the Ummah will be just too pleased and too proud to submit to the holy hegemony of such a Ruler who will be a true Khalifah of Allah on earth.
According to the Star: "The current  monarch of Saudi Arabia, King Abdullah  bin Abdul Aziz, then a prince, visited Joburg in 1998, met Nelson Mandela and expressed an interest in building  a legacy for Muslims in SA."  Let Muslims understand that this Saudi monument of opulence and baatil is no legacy for the Muslims of South Africa. It does not serve any purpose whatsoever – it does not fulfil any need whatsoever of the South African Muslim community.  In fact, it will be a huge wasteful, ill-conceived white elephant bereft of Islamic, spirit, devoid of hidaayat and direction. Stupid men – men lacking in Deeni vision and bereft of Islamic emotion and feeling for the suffering Ummah are the architects of this satanically wasteful monument. Men of intelligence are not impressed by sand and stone wastefully constructed to convey the stupid idea of  an everlasting life on earth. If these men of the dunya have any spiritual vision in their brains, they will take heed of Allah's warning:
"What, do you construct on every elevated place a monument in futile
sport, and you erect palaces as if you will be living forever (in this world)?"

Construction of monuments and palaces is the favourite and futile hobbies of the Saudis, and in this satanic process they have their collaborators and poodles in every country.

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