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The Sultan Bahu Centre is organizing a fund-raising party. Please comment on this function in the light of the Shariah. The following poster advertises the function:

Merrymaking Party_SB


This is the ‘meelaad’ month. It is Rabiul Awwal in which the Kilaabun Naar, the bid’ati Qabar Pujaaris are in top gear with their bid’ah meelaad parties. The conspicuous absence of the meelaad ingredient from the advert is surprising to say the least. A Qabar Pujaari party is incomplete and lustreless minus the meelaad bid’ah. Perhaps, these vile vermin have realized that many people will be deterred from the money-making party by meelaad performance, hence in the hope of gaining money, they have dispensed with a puja act which in their religion is of paramount importance, more important than even the Fardh Salaat.


For whatever reason these Dogs of the Fire have omitted their fundamental pillar of their faith, namely meelaad, it is incomprehensible to others. Nevertheless, they are attempting to compensate for this omission which according to their Qabar Puja religion is ‘kufr’, with gluttony, gambling, haraam merrymaking, and kufr comedy.


The gluttonous menu is both laughable, and haraam. Only those whose brains are lame and  clouded with stupidity as a consequence of Allah’s Curse on them for the bid’ah and qabar puja in which they are trapped, will degenerate to the insane level of advertising the stupidities of their menu.


The ‘lucky draw’ prize will be the effect of gambling since a R350 haraam fee is paid for participating in the haraam party of the Kilaabun Naar.


The party is mal-oon. Allah’s La’nat settles on the participants and organizers. Whilst the Ummah at large is burning in the fire of a variety of calamities, these Kilaabun Naar are preparing their abode in Jahannam with their bid’ah, fisq, fujoor, gluttony and qabar puja which predominate every function which they organize.


There is nothing Deeni about the ‘fund raising dinner’. It is haraam to attend the shaitaan’s party. It is haraam to consume the haraam food, and it is haraam to collect the haraam prize.


The party is a haraam mixture of fisq and fujoor. Just imagine, shaitaani comedies and evil comedians performing to a gallery of fussaaq and fujaar during the night time when it is not permissible to even engage in unnecessary worldly conversation. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) forbade such talk. But these Kilaabun Naar are sullying and messing the holy moments of the night with shaitaani filth.

7 Rabiul Awwal  1441-5 November 2019