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 28.4% PORK CONTENT. This is besides the other haraam and mushtabah ingredients in this HARAAM meat product.

The ‘muslim’ representative of the non-Muslim company, has now issued the following flapdoodle, flaccid ‘apology’ which in no way whatever exculpates the MJC PORK certifier. The fact remains glaringly conspicuous that the MJC’s haraam ‘halaal’ logo has appeared and is appearing with disturbing frequency on PORK-VARK products.



Evening all

Trust all are well ,   (Nothing is well. Everything pertaining to the MJC PORK corruption is rotten – The Majlis)


ChikroFoodmarket  m/ plain .

We sincerely apologies for the incorrect labeling of our “Egteboerewors“  in last week , the label stated pork as part of the recipe , this was an error from the label supplier which we have addressed.

(The apology of the non-Muslim company is not required. The apology in no way purifies the MJC’s  PORK-VARK perennial blunders. –The Majlis)


Our internal checks has also been reviewed to ensure preventative measures are in place . (Tell this yarn to the MJC moron sheikhs and molvies who have bartered away the Deen for the VARK boodle. ‘Preventive measures’ are laughable ludicrioties. This tale is a monotonous regurgitation of moronity each time a PORK-VARK misdemeanour is discovered by a member of the Muslim community. The MJC’s stupid inspectors and phantom ‘supervisors’ NEVER discover these PORK labels which are ostensibly due to ‘incorrect labelling’.- The Majlis)


Our Sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused . (Your apologies are laughable and rejected with contempt. The MJC’s PORK-VARK fiascos remain.—The Majlis)


Abbas Sonday    (The name creates the impression that you are a Muslim—The Majlis)

Chikro MP



It is essential for the safety and well-being of Imaan, for Muslims to understand that it is humanly impossible to correctly and adequately supervise the thousands of companies, premises and outlets which the evil, HARAAM shaitaani Carrion Cartel certifies as ‘halaal’. Just imagine the degree of degeneration to which Muslims have sunk! They devour meat products obtainable from non-Muslims on the basis of a stupid, silly ‘halaal’ sticker which is sold for millions of rands by the Carrion halaalizers to non-Muslim business-houses.


Innumerable Muslims have over the past decades devoured PORK marketed as ‘halaal’. When some concerned Muslim discovers this egregious so-called ‘blunder’, the only stupid explanation the MJC and the other agents of the Devil can proffer is to say that it is a ‘labelling error’. Even if we should momentarily  agree to become stupid like a baboon, and concede that it is a ‘labelling error’, then too, it should be understood that this so-called ‘error’ has been discovered by an outsider and  many months or even years since the labelling of the  PORK product.


The vast majority of people does not check the formidable list of mysterious ingredients with unpronounceable names. Muslims of extreme Imaani weakness, simply look at the ‘halaal’ logo, then purchase and devour the satanic rot like vultures.


Muslims who devour meat products processed and sold by non-Muslims should examine their hearts to understand the degree of corruption their Imaan has suffered as a direct consequence of having become addicts of carrion meat and chicken products.

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8 Rabiuth Thaani 1441 – 5 December 2019