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In a disingenuous, conspicuously stupid attempt to wriggle out of the capital kufr act of having cancelled the Fardh Ibaadat of Jumuah Salaat, the murtad / munaafiq Taha Karan of the MJC issued a statement to dilute the notoriety of the kufr. In the MJC’s statement, Taha Karan states: 

“…..we recognize the role of Jumuah as one of the most important sha’a’ir (public motifs) of Islam. ……….As such, the masajid should not be completely closed, neither for Jumuah nor for congregational salah.”


This is the disingenuous attempt to free his neck from the capital kufr which has rendered him and the other juhala sheikhs murtaddeen. Taha Karan is on record as having categorically said that “Jumuah Salaat is suspended”. This ‘suspension’ of such a fundamental Act of Fardh Ibaadat is in fact cancellation or abrogation of a Hukm which Allah Azza Wa Jal had ordained Fardh on Muslims. Only those whom Allah Ta’ala has exempted are permitted to forego Jumuah. 

Without any reason which the Shariah accepts as valid, the miscreant Karan had emphatically declared the cancellation of Jumuah as the ‘fatwa’ of the MJC Iblees. Now if he and the MJC as a whole have realized their error, then it is imperative for them to categorically retract the kufr and resort to Taubah. There is no other way of being exonerated from the kufr. The attempt to dilute the kufr with a disingenuous explanation in the understanding that all people are stupid, only aggravates the gross insincerity and dhalaal (deviation) of the munaafiq sheikhs of jahaalah. Diluted kufr remains kufr. 

All the other conditions which these juhala attach to the Jumuah Salaat are likewise kufr. The conditions are both stupid and vile, and untenable in the Shariah. 

Of particular notoriety in the statement of diluted kufr is Karan’s averment: 

“Jumuah at the masjid should be brief, not exceeding the basic integrals of Jumuah……”


From whence did this mudhil acquire this directive? From non-Muslims most certainly – those whom he bootlicks. This instruction issued by the jaahil MJC to the jaahil community, in the current scenario is also kufr. There is no valid Shar’i reason for the mutilation of the Salaat and Khutbah as advocated by Karan and others of similar kind who are experts in the art of disgraceful bootlicking. 

The virus which acts in terms of Allah’s command cannot be thwarted from its mission by an emaciated khutbah rattled off unceremoniously. It will proceed unimpeded to execute the task imposed on it by Allah Azza Wa Jal. The panic call to mutilate the Khutbah and the Salaat is laughingly and lamentable stupid, silly and ludicrous. There is no relationship whatsoever between the Khutbah and the virus. On the contrary, if Muslims resort to Allah Ta’ala with ikhlaas, repenting and renewing the pledge of obedience, and perform Salaat in the Musjid in the proper manner as demanded by the Shariah, the virus will be diverted by Allah’s command. 

Compounding his kufr with more Satanism, Karan disgorging stercoraceous effluvium says:

“As long as the non-attendance of Jumuah at the masjid is motivated by the intention of contributing to community health and safety, it is in no way less meritorious than actual attendance.”


Only a man whose brains has been vermiculated by the urine of Shaitaan has the satanic temerity of uttering such vile kufr which equates abstention from Jumuah to performance of Jumuah. A good intention never justifies sin. It does not make halaal what Allah has made haraam nor vice versa. Furthermore, there is absolutely no valid reason for not attending Jumuah. If the government’s oppression is extended to closing the Musaajid, then this would be a valid reason for not attending the Musjid. But when the government has not banned Musjid attendance, when it has not ordered the Musaajid to close, then it is magnified kufr multiplied manifold to close the Musaajid and to abstain from Jumuah Salaat. It is indeed a wicked deception of Iblees (Talbeesul Iblees) to fool oneself and to bamboozle others with the hallucination that the current situation warrants the closure of the Musaajid, abandonment of Jumuah Salaat and abstention from the Fardh Jamaa’t Salaat in the Musaajid. Nothing is further from the truth than the villainous LIE uttered by Karan who has failed to even adequately paint his glaringly stupid kufr with shaitaani zukhruful qawl. About the likes of Taha Karaan, the MJC, the NNB jamiat, Darush Shaitaan of Durban and others of such rotten ilk, the Qur’aan Majeed states:

“Thus, have We appointed for every Nabi enemies who are jinn and human devils. They whisper to each other adorned statements for deceiving.”


May Allah Azza Wa Jal destroy this Mal-oon Fraternity of Mudhilleen who has committed the worst acts of treason against Allah Ta’ala. They have betrayed Allah Ta’ala, the Rasool, the Ummah and Islam.

26 Rajab 1441 – 21 March 2020