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The arbitrary exclusion of our Musaajid from the list of ‘essential services’ is a gross and flagrant violation of our religious and constitutional rights. The ban of  Mosques is palpably unjust and repressive. It has criminalized prayers and worship.

The U.S.A. is the worst affected by the Corona plague of all the nations of the world. Despite having hundreds of thousands of corona cases, and thousands of deaths ostensibly caused by the virus, America has included churches in their list of ‘essential services’. America is the leader blindly emulated and followed by Asia, Arabia and Africa, yet on this vital issue of prayers and worship, for some peculiar reason the American boss is not being followed by all the subservient regimes of Asia, Arabia and Africa.

The following reports should serve to sanitize the brains of those who have an aversion for  prayers and worship which have become crimes.

“Several states that have issued stay-at-home orders have included exceptions for houses of worship. New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Michigan and California have all issued stay-at-home orders that either designate houses of worship as “essential” (exempting them having to close) or encourage them to close but exempt them from penalties.

For example, Michican Gov. Gretchen Whitmer banned all gatherings outside the home, but added that “a place of religious worship, when used for religious worship, is not subject to penalty” for violating the order.

Other states have directives that are not particularly clear on the guidelines for houses of worship. South Carolina and Alabama did not explicitly address houses of worship, but left them out of their list of non-essential businesses required to close. Louisana Gov. John Bel Edwards issued an executive order in mid-March that banned gatherings of more than 50 people, but made exceptions for travelling “to-and-from” houses of worship. Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine’s order exempts houses of worship from the state’s ban on gatherings of more than 10 people.

Hillsborough County in Florida issued a “safer-at-home” order on March 27 for everyone, aside from essential workers.  All other residents were to leave their homes only for food, medicine and essentials. Three days later, on April 1, Gov.Ron DeSaintis followed up with a statewide executive order declaring churches “essential”. He then signed a second order that would supersede “any conflicting official action or order issued by local officials in response to COVID-19.

Texas stay-at-home order explicitly labeled houses of worship “essential services”         (Carlos Barria/Reuters)


CNN reports:

Arizona:  Religious services are exempt as an essential activity because worship is protected under the first amendment of the Constitution.

Colorado: The state allows houses of worship to stay open………

Delaware: Along with social advocacy, business, professional, labor and political organizations, religious organizations are exempt.

Florida: The state recognizes attending a church, synagogue or house of worship as an essential activity along with caring for loved ones, pets and recreational activities that comply with social guidelines.

Kentucky: Kentucky makes an exemption for life-sustaining business and religious organizations……..

Michigan also makes exceptions for operations, religious and secular, that provide necessities for those in need. The state does not subject places of worship to penalties for breaking orders when they are used for religious worship.

New Mexico: The state does not include congregations in a church, synagogue, mosque or other place of worship in the definition of “mass gatherings” that are barred.

North Carolina: Travelling to and from a place of worship is exempt from the executive order as “leaving the home and travel for essential activities.”

Pennsylvania:  Religious institutions are exempt.

West Virginia:  Attending a place of worship is considered an essential activity in the state along with going to the grocery store or gas station, picking up a prescription or necessary medical care, checking on a relative, getting exercise, and working essential jobs.”


Kansas: The BBC reports: “In Kansas lawmakers revoked the governor’s order to limit religious gatherings to 10 people.”


The vilest aspect of the devilish ban and criminalization of Jamaat Salaat and Jumuah Salaat in the Musaajid is the collusion and shaitaani conniving of munaafiqeen such as reverend abraham bham and the MJC. These agents of Iblees will certainly not escape the La’nat and Ghadhb of Allah Azza Wa Jal. When a man who professes to be a Muslim actively and clandestinely strives to have the Musaajid closed, then every Muslim in whose heart there is true Imaan regardless of how weak it may be, will be absolutely appalled. They are traitors having betrayed Allah Ta’ala, Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam), The Ummah and Islam.

These  munaafiq characters who  are striving to demolish Islam  by means of  the satanic  plot of banning Ibaadat in the Musaajid are described by Allah Ta’ala as “the worst zaalimeen (oppressors):

“Who is a greater zaalim (oppressor) than the one who prevents the Thikr of Allah in the Musaajid (and added to this villainy) he strives in the destruction of the Musaajid?”  (Al-Baqara, Aayat 114)

17 Sha’baan 1441 – 11 April 2020