Thursday, May 07 2020 Written by Administrator  


Sooner or later, in fact sooner, the government will have to relent and allow the Musaajid to open. Due to this realization, the Munaafiqeen (Bogus uucsa, Munaafiq AMAL, etc.) are releasing mellowed purrings to gain Muslim support. Cognizant of this reality, these Munaafiqeen are posing themselves to steal credit in their drunken stupor to bask in some limelight. But the bootlicking and nifaaq will not avail them. The Community has seen through their smokescreen of nifaaq and now understands better the type of horrid bootlickers these traitors are.


When the Musaajid are given the green light to open, Musallis should understand that the Musaajid are the Houses of Allah Ta’ala where proper and valid Ibaadat has to be discharged. The Musjid is not a fong kong sportsfield, hence the haraam stipulations which will accompany the permission to open will render the Ibaadat of Salaat invalid regardless of what bootlicking and short-sighted muftis say.


The one or two metre spacing in the saff is haraam. It will render the Salaat invalid. Therefore, if you enter a Musjid and find clowns performing Salaat in this ludicrous manner, do not join such a congregation. These clowns do not constitute a valid Jamaat for Salaat.  If no valid Jamaat is available anywhere, then perform Salaat alone in the Musjid. Remember that no trustee and no munaafiq molvi / imaam has the right to evict you from the Musjid for performing Salaat alone whilst the coons are engaging in their mockery of Salaat. Stand your ground and refuse to leave the Musjid. Let them physically remove you. Then lay a criminal charge against the munaafiq offenders.


No one has the right to debar a Musalli from the Musjid. The Musjid has not been inherited by trustees from their fathers. These munaafiqs must be booted out. The Musallis should establish their own Committees to administrate their Musaajid.


Insha-Allah, we shall soon present further elaboration for the invalidity of the haraam style formation of the sufoof. Gaps in the saff are filled by the shayaateen.

13 Ramadhaan 1441 – 7 May 2020