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17 Sha’baan 1433 – 7 July 2012



The Majlis has for decades warned  the Muslim community of  the haraam riba products which  the capitalist banks, both Muslim-owned and non-Muslim owned, are marketing as ‘halaal’ and ‘shariah-compliant’. ‘Shariah-compliant’ products  and ‘Islamic finance’ provided by these  riba banks  are among the worst canards which the ulama of our era are condoning and actively supporting.  On the one side we have the carrion and pork halaalizing outfits feeding the community haraam, rotten, diseased carrion, and on the other side are the ‘shariah’ boards who have entrenched riba in the community.
First National Bank’s ‘shariah’ board has belatedly discovered that it has been ‘lied to.’ To say the least by way of condemnation, it is stark naivety for the ulama to have ever expected not to be lied to. It is lamentable that the ulama of the shariah board lacked the insight to understand with exactly whom they were dealing and whose products they were certifying for Muslim consumption. Allah Ta’ala has described the votaries of riba as being “men driven to insanity by the touch of shaitaan.” These riba banks are under the control of such men who are  driven into the cauldron of shaitaan’s insanity. How is it possible for Ulama to consort with such vile specimens of humanity, and to endorse and halaalize their products? How is it possible to trust shaitaan’s legion of riba devourers? When the Qur’aan has issued an ultimatum of war for those who indulge in riba, how is it possible to attain ‘huge success’ dealing with these riba ventures of shaitaan? How can ulama associate with riba banks  when these institutions are  mal-oon and on whom settles the Wrath of Allah Azza Wa Jal?   
FNB’s shariah board which has just resigned in protest over the “lies by the executives of the bank”, and by the realization that the so-called “Islamic Finance” product which it had forged for promoting the monetary interests of the capitalist consumers of riba a decade ago reeks with the rot of riba,  although being an entity which had rendered its ‘services’ to the haraam bank on a gratis basis, had committed a grievous error of judgment in its halaalization of the financial products of an institution whose backbone, blood, body, heart and soul are riba. The FNB’s  ‘shariah board’ had failed to take into account the Ghadab (Wrath) and La’nat (Curse) of Allah Azza Wa Jal which perpetually descend and settle on the riba capitalists against whom the Qur’aan has openly declared war. Close association with an entity, institution or person, leads to desensitization of natural and Imaani inhibitions to the evil with which one consorts.
It is this desensitization which has dampened the attribute of  Bughd fillah (Hatred for the Sake of Allah) in the hearts of even the good and sincere Ulama who staffed the FNB’s ‘shariah board’. They should  go down in Sujood in gratitude  to Allah Ta’ala for having guided them in making the ‘difficult’ decision to pull-out from the Najasul Ain riba bank. Although the participation of the Ulama in the promotion of the bank’s haraam product has undoubtedly caused  great harm to Muslims who had indulged in the riba products on the strength of the certification of the ‘shariah board’,  they (the Ulama) had rendered themselves a lasting favour by resigning and notifying the public  of the bank’s evil, albeit in a very lukewarm and dubious  acquittal which does not bode well for dithering Muslims.
The clear and emphatic command of Allah Ta’ala for the Ulama is to discharge the obligation of  unadulterated  Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahyi anil Munakar (Commanding virtue and prohibiting vice). This is an obligation which may not be attended to flabbily and with prevarication.  The command is to guide Muslims, not to cast them into uncertainty and doubt. Depositing Muslims into doubt and uncertainly as a consequence of fork-tongued  advice, is not  an honest discharge of the Waajib obligation of Amr Bil Ma’roof. Thus, it is another grievous error committed by the resigning ‘shariah board’ to cast Muslims into doubt and confusion with the averment: “Those who wish to deal with FNB Islamic Finance may do so on the clear understanding that we cannot vouch for their products…..However, as we no longer supervise the implementation, we cannot endorse the same.”
This ‘advice’ is indeed lamentable. It casts a dark cloud on the intentions and the motive which prompted the resignation.  The Ulama of the resigning ‘shariah board; had the bounden duty to say to Muslims:
•    FNB finance products are haraam.
•    Abstain from FNB riba products.
But, instead of advising abstention, the Ulama  of the  now defunct ‘shariah board’ open an avenue for Muslims to continue dealing with the haraam riba bank. Whilst these Ulama deemed it necessary to terminate their participation with the bank, they leave open an avenue for participation by the Muslim public. This is the effect of  forked-tongue advice and admonition which comes within the scope of the Qur’aanic aayat:
“Vacillating between this (i.e. between Haqq and baatil), they are  neither towards these nor towards those. (Surah An-Nisaa’, aayat 143).”
The ‘shariah board’ of FNB has resigned on grounds which its Ulama believe are haraam and which contaminate the bank’s so-called ‘Islamic’ products. These Ulama therefore have the Waajib duty to inform the Muslim public of the haraam irregularities which had constrained them to have taken the drastic step of resigning en masse. The minimum requisite is to command the Muslim community to abstain from FNB’s ‘islamic’ products.
FNB, we believe has already filled the ‘vacuum’ left by the outgoing ‘shariah’ board’. In the Muslim community will always be found the dogs of lust slinking in the folds, ready to pounce into the rotten, stinking, haraam pie, whether the pie is haraam carrion pie halaalized by SANHA & CO, or  whether it is haraam riba pie halaalized by the errant ‘shariah boards’. When  SANHA, the carrion-halaalizing vendor was compelled to withdraw its evil ‘halaal’ certificate from Anca Chickens, the pork-halaalizing MJC, repudiating wildly, jumped into the vacant carrion chair  left by SANHA to gobble up the rotten carrion pie. It hurriedly issued its own filthy haraam certificate to halaalize ANCA carrion chickens. In like manner, another group of  vile so-called ‘ulama’ or some quacks and morons will take the place of the ‘shariah board’ which has just resigned.
Even sincere Ulama, lacking in foresight, become entangled with Najasul Ain entities. Their myopic vision precludes them from understanding the great harm they cause to Muslims by promoting the monetary objectives of the capitalist riba banks which are the worst exploiting scoundrels under the son. Regarding these riba entities, Imaam Ghazaali (rahmatullah alayh) said that if there had to be trade in Jahannum (Hell-Fire) it would be the trading of  the money-changers (i.e. banks). Capitalist banking is a magdhooband mal’oon institution. It is inconceivable to us  that Ulama-e-Haqq would associate themselves with such vile institutions on whom Allah Ta’ala and His Rasool (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) have declared open war, and whom the Qur’aan describes as   “men driven to insanity by the touch of the devil”.
Whilst  the ‘concept of Islamic banking has a promising future” as mentioned by the now defunct ‘shariah board’ of FNB, it should be borne in mind that  it can never have a ‘promising future’ as long as it operates as a surrogate of  the riba banks. Operating under the wing of the capitalist riba banks, there can be no genuine Islamic Banking. Any brand of halaalized ‘islamic banking’  which is subservient to the capitalist riba banks is a massive deception which shaitaan has prepared to ensnare Muslims into the trap of riba under ‘shariah’ guise.
Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:  “Riba is a combination of more than 70 major sins, the lightest of which is akin to fornicating with one’s own mother.”

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