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A Brother from the U.K. writes:

The Covid-19 Plandemic has provided a finale to the recent trend for transforming Masajid into bizarre temples. 

Our Masajid and Madaris, like all our institutions; Home, Tableegh Jamaat, Khanqah’s and School’s are mere husks of what they were 50 years ago. 

The latest act of barbarism and vandalism by Muslims to defile the House of Allah Ta’ala, has finally lifted whatever vestige of sanctity there remained in our Masajid. 

The reopening trend to place taped arrows and lines to demarcate the Musalla thereby creating a line for ‘scare-crows’ to stand apart - bear’s witness to how far, we as a community, have drifted from the Sunnah and why our Salah and du’a are being rejected. 

Despite the absence of any validation and checking process in the UK, alcohol based hand-sanitisers, dirty shoes being placed in bags on Masjid Musalla, closure of wudhu khana, placing of prayer mats upon carpets and a host of downright stupid, self-imposed rigmaroles have been elevated to the status of mandatory requirements by bootlicking medics, sociopaths and avaracious maulvis/muftis, who we must conclude are on somebody’s payroll. 

Turn around from the Qiblah wall in any Masjid and the sight of umpteen chairs either placed along side walls or at the back like pews, makes the Musallee wonder if he has entered a Masjid or a church hall? 

If this current trend for ecclesiastic features carries on, not only will we shortly observe cross-worship inside the Masjid (as prophesised in Hadeeth), in reality some of the absurd, grotesque direction arrows already stuck on carpet floors gives this impression anyway. 

When this hideously silly tape is finally removed, it will undoubtedly have damaged the carpet permanently. Watch these very trustees and maulvis mount the mimber then to raise funds for new carpets. 

Which brings us to the trend for ‘confession boxes.’ Our so-called senior scholars and shuyookh now advocate just as many bizarre hitherto incomprehensible congregational practices. Recitation of istighfaar, Glorious Quran, some top-secret wazeefah, then notifying one of the Shaykh’s pet-lackey of how many times it was recited? 

Dial-a-du’a, where congregants are encouraged to phone and pledge their ‘donations,’ especially during last ten nights of Ramadhaan, with the shameless Imam reading out names and giving du’a over a public announcement system. 

Vulgar electronic displays and gadgets galore, which constantly flash lights and bleep transforming the Masjid interior into that of a cheap tacky take-away further diminishing the sanctity and holiness - diverting the Musallees attention away from khusu and khudhu. 

Even the Mushaf (copies) of the Glorious Quran have not been spared defilement. The entire bookshelf is covered in plastic - ostensibly to prevent cross-contamination, in reality to further discourage the Mu’min from spending the few minutes herein reciting the Qalaam of Allah Ta’ala. 

Everything that could possibly be done to discourage Musallees from either attending or spending time properly in the Masjid are being enacted by Maulvis themselves, under guise of following government rules. 

Guidelines by a conglomerate of munaafiq bodies (Muslim council’s, so called senior scholars/maulvis, medics, trustees and committee members, etc.) are neither statutory nor legally binding on anybody. 

They have been hoisted on the community as part of a bootlicking political agenda and appear to have served the purpose of distancing Muslims from the Masjid and Deeni Ilm. 

Only the appearance of Imam Mahdi alayhis salam may now reverse these heartbreaking developments. 

Whoever stands up to these acts of sheer madness must be prepared to face a barrage of not only criticism, but also be ready to be termed an extremist, heretic and be personally barred from attending Masjid and Madrasah under some fictitious pretext. 

The munafiqs have used this ‘plandemic’ to settle scores and give vent to their hatred for Ahl-e-Haqq. 

‘Islam originated in a forlorn state and soon will it return to its forlorn state. Therefore give glad tidings to the forlorn (ghurabba).’ (Hadeeth) 

These last few months, when perhaps only a handful of Musallees attended the Masjid and raised the standard of Islam by giving Azan and praying Fardh Salah inside an empty Masjid gives testimony to this Dajjalian Plot and Plandemic. 

It is our so-called senior scholars who not only were the first to foreclose our Masajid but it is also they who are forestalling their opening with a traffic-light system of equally bizarre standards and silly criteria’s. 

Whatever little time is apportioned to Masjid Opening now, is publicised and arranged whereby these so-called Shaykh’s are able to sit in an elevated place with a retinue around them to guide the crowd to shake his hands, collect blessings and deposit gifts. 

Never let a crisis go to waste. Social distancing rules are for the plebs. 

Allah Ta’ala have mercy upon the True Mu’mineen.

(End of letter)



Do not attend a Musjid where a fong kong kufr style congregation indulges in mock ‘salaat’. Perform Salaat at home if a proper Shar’i Jamaat is not available elsewhere.

Do not contribute any money to the Munaafiq committees of these Musaajid. Contributing only assists them in the propagation of their new brand of ‘islam’.

26 Shawwaal 1441 – 19 June 2020