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Last year, 2019, from the 1st of June to 15th of June 2019, the janazas recorded and posted by admin on Janaza Notices FB page is 115. This had been physically checked and counted but others are free to check and verify.


Nevertheless, this does not include all the janazas in the country. Many a time, janazas of foreign nationals are not recorded.

Some provinces are not included.

So the actual count may be significantly higher.


So, in 15 days in June 2019, we definitely had 115+ janazas.

- If I had to remove the date 2019 and you had to read that there were 115+ deaths of Muslims in South Africa from 1st to 15th June, what will your reaction be?


- if I had to change my wording and say, "In a matter of 2 weeks, we lost 115+ Muslims..." how would that sound?


- If I had to go a bit further and say that on one single day, 12 June, 12 Muslims lost their lives in South Africa.... 2 days before that, the 10th of June, 11 Muslims lost their lives....

Or in a matter of 15 days,  an average of 7 Muslims were lost daily!


By now, a kind of concern or panic would be setting in...

Respected friends, this is what data and statistics is all about.

It can be used by anyone to achieve a desired effect upon the readers.


It is used to create fear (fear mongering)

It is used to prove points.

It is used to disprove points.

Flimsy Court cases have been won with this.

Solid Court case have been lost because of this.

It is a mere tool.


Currently, these numbers are being thrown at us daily. The overall effect is a sense of fear, bordering on panic. 

Whoever is using this tool is preparing and grooming you for an agenda. 

Unfortunately, for a Believer, the agenda means Imani destruction. Constant chipping away at your Imaan, daily.....with numbers that you cannot prove or disprove. 

The people behind those numbers will be "Experts" in this or that. And to make it "Muslim Friendly", couple of "award winning" experts with muslim names will be thrown in. And the final ribbon? "ULAMA" on board!!!! 

These numbers that are thrown at you will be used to open masjids, close masjids, limit numbers at qabrastan, curtail activities etc etc 

However, the biggest damage is not in this...The damage is in your faith and yaqeen in Allah Ta'ala.


Think for a moment.... You believe in the Absolute Power of Allah Ta'ala. There is NO Ilah besides Him. Alhamdulillah! But now think often, recently, a BUT comes after your declaration of faith?

- BUT precautions....

- BUT you heard of so many afflicted.

- BUT that School closed

- BUT in Saudi...

BUT, BUT, BUT.... 

And it's all in those statistics and data thrown at you!

This virus and all other viruses and sicknesses are just means chosen by Allah Ta'ala. 

There is no such a thing that, without Covid19, a person would have lived any longer.

Or with Covid19, death is certain.... 

As a scholar once mentioned, when those numbers are thrown at just defend the throws with ONE. One Allah Ta'laa.

When expertise and information is thrown at you, you just lift up THE ONLY expert, Your Beloved Nabi Sallalahu Alayhi wasallam.

When "Knowledge" and information is thrown at you,

You present Shariah and Sunnah! 

Instead of becoming a "Numbers Follower", You, as A Believer was supposed to present the Truth and Reality of Allah Ta'ala. Not become a victim. 

As a Believer, nothing and nobody matters to you unless it passes Shariah and Sunnah! 

May Allah Ta'ala grant us True Imaan, Protect Our Imaan and Keep us with Imaan.

May our deaths be with Imaan and under the circumstances that He is pleased with us. Aameen.

abu Uthmaan

4 Zil Qa’dh 1441 – 26 June 2020