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A cartel of clown sheikhs is organizing an immoral programme, dubbed “Happily Ever After”, for enhancing fisq and fujoor in “your marriage”. And, this programmed of fisq and fujoor which is tantamount to kufr is being marketed under the name of Islam whilst the entire act of satanism is bereft of the Deen.

The topic of one of these clowns is: “A smile a day keep problems away.” Another clown’s topic is captioned: “I value my time with you.” The third clown’s message is: “Complacency in Marriage”. The fourth jaahil munaafiq clown’s topic is: “My in-laws My Family. The fifth faasiq clown’s immorality is: “Spicing it up after my honeymoon years.” The sixth clown character’s topic is: “Harms of pornography”.

The snouts of these clowns are published in the form of haraam pictures. They dub themselves as shaikhs, yet they flagrantly indulge in haraam pictures. Their belief of these pictures being halaal expels them from the fold of Islam. The hurmat of pictures of  people and animals is established by Ahaadith of the highest category of authenticity – Ahaadith which have the force of Qur’aanic Aayaat. Salaat behind these louts is not permissible.

Denial or rejection of Ahkaam (laws) based on such Ahaadith is KUFR –Kufr which expels the person from the fold of Islam. Even denial of a Mustahab/Sunnat act is kufr. The Fuqaha state explicitly: “Miswaak is Sunnat. Its denial is kufr.” But these moron fussaaq sheikhs reject the hurmat of an injunction based on Ahaadith which are equated to Qur’aani Aayat with regard to authenticity and force.

The issue of denial of the hurmat of pictures is of fundamental importance for Imaan. Those who deny this prohibition, presenting weird interpretations to justify modern-day pictography are no longer Muslims regardless of who they may be, whether Allaamah, Mufti or Buzrug. Whoever believes that pictures of animate objects are halaal, is no longer a Muslim. He has left the fold of Islam.

Muslim masses have become desensitized regarding this prohibition as a consequence of the free indulgence in and justification of this major sin by the ulama-e-soo’. The notoriety of this major sin has not only been diluted, it has been accepted as permissible thereby flagrantly rejecting the many Mutaawaatur Ahaadith confirming the prohibition. This is not a small or minor issue. It bears heavily on Imaan.

We have published several books on the prohibition of pictures. All of these publications are available.

Any mufti or molvi or sheikh who halaalizes pictures is a zindeeq. A zindeeq is one of the classes of kuffaar. It is imperative for Muslims to beware of all internet and google sheikhs, molvis and muftis. All of them without exception belong to the ulama-e-soo’ (evil scholars) cartel of frauds and agents of Iblees.  They are fussaaq and fujjaar who have eliminated their own Imaan with their kufr.

Those deviate sheikhs who are conducting this programme of promiscuity are all agents of Iblees. Shaitaan has harnessed them into his conspiracy to destroy the Ummah and Islam. It is only the vile nafs which impels these devilish molvis and sheikhs to utilize the porno-copro media to publicize themselves. They use and misuse the name of Islam to camouflage their sinister nafsaani agendas.

The signs of their evil and deviation is their participation in the kufr interfaith movement; they mingle with women; they justify haraam pictography; and they bootlick the kuffaar. They are spineless serfs of the west, licking up whatever najaasat their atheist masters disgorge. 

These clowns who are driven by worldly and nafsaani objectives cannever guide Muslims in marital issues. Their views are contaminated with the copro-ideas of westernism, hence their methods are always moulded in western style.  The terms they use, e.g. ‘spicing up’ has evil and immoral connotation. ‘Honeymoon’ is a kuffaar practice which has no affinity whatsoever with Islam.

The talks of these buffoons is generally calculated to attract female attention. They display themselves in Islamic garb to deceive the ignorant an unwary, whilst their brains and hearts are bereft of the Qur’aan and Sunnah. Never can a Muslim achieve any spiritual or moral guidance and benefit from these “wild donkeys who flee from the Deen”. They are enshrouded in zulmat (spiritual darkness) which is extremely contagious. The Deen should be acquired from pious Ulama who shun the copro-media platforms which all specialize in porno and filth of a multitude of kinds. These miserable sheikhs are signs of the impending Hour of Qiyaamah. They are the vilest specimens of creation under the canopy of the sky according to the Hadith. Their primary profession is spreading fitnah. There is no greater fitnah then aborting the Deen.

28 Safar 1442 – 16 October 2020