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25  Zil Hajj 1433 – 10 November 2012


Q. The Saudis plan to build over the Mubaarak Grave of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) with the excuse that the Musjid requires additional space.  Why don't they demolish the Zionist hotel establishment that they have allowed into Madinah Munawwarah? The Muslim Ummah remains silent. How can we defend the honour of brother Muslims when we are unable to unite to defend the honour of Nabi (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). It is the responsibility of the Ummah to react and protest the destruction of Islam's holy relics by the Saudi government.
A. We have  highlighted  in The Majlis, a number of times the Saudi destruction of the holy relics of Islam. Over the years we have vigourously criticized the vandalization of Islam's holy relics by the Saudi king. Many others too have protested. But, needless to say, all protests fall on deaf years.
   The Saudis are U.S. puppets and  they allow the Hajj because of commercial objectives.  If it was not for  its commercial value, the Saudis would have banned even the Hajj. They have already destroyed  more than 90% of all the relics of Islam.  They are now plotting to  eliminate the last of these sacred remnants.
   Why would they ever dream of demolition the Zionist and other kuffaar establishments in the Holy Lands? The Saudis dance  to the  pipe-tune of the Zionists and the U.S. It is the writ of the U.S. which determines the direction of the Saudi monarch.
   Muslims of the world fail to protest because their Imaan is dead.  The  unholy destruction plotted  and executed by the Saudi regime does not concern Muslims.
   If the Muslims of the world  unite and boycott going to Saudi Arabia for Umrah and  Hajj, the Saudis will then sit up and listen. Only those on whom Hajj is Fardh should go. All others should boycott  Saudi Arabia. Alas! What we are proposing is a cry in the wilderness. Furthermore, we know that it will fall on deaf ears.
   In the circumstances we can only do what is within our ability, and that is to speak against the evil and to make dua to Allah Ta'ala to remove this oppressive, faasiq, un-Islamic slave of America from the scene. May Allah Ta'ala supplant the fussaaq, fujjaar and kuffaar rulers and governments of Muslim lands with pious Sultans who will owe allegiance to a central Khalifah, a true Vicegerent of Allah  Azza Wa Jal


An irate Brother who performed Hajj this year, writes:
   "The Saudi authorities have installed  standing urinals in Mina and Arafaat. Just imagine the obscene scenes! Men standing like animals with their ihram pulled up and urinating like asses in full view of the public. Even women  pass by and view these horrid scenes of shamelessness being  perpetrated  in the holiest of lands – in Mina and Arafaat. How much worse and how much more shameless will Muslims become?

   Brother, what you have beheld is simply the introductory steps to unimaginable immorality which still has  to be implemented under the aegis of the vile rulers. Destruction of holy relics and substituting the relics with toilets and urinals is the Saudi style of emulating the U.S. kuffaar. Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that the time will dawn when Muslims will imitate and ape the Yahood and Nasaara to the extent of crawling behind them into even a 'lizard's hole'. If crawling into a lizard's hole, drinking urine and eating the faeces of swines become honourable and fashionable to the Yahood and Nasaara, the Saudis in particular, and the Muslims of the world in general, will consider the accomplishment of these feats honourable and fashionable. This is the state of the Ummah today.
   The public urinals and the lewd males in 'ihraam' standing like donkeys relieving themselves in  full view of the public, vividly portray the  filthy, rotten state of fisq and fujoor of the hearts of the rulers and the public.  The Ummah is diseased – absolutely rotten and stinking.
   Whilst we lament  these  vile developments, we have to understand that  Rasulullah's predictions must  come to the fore. We are incrementally observing the materialization of Rasulullah's predictions. The moral degeneration of Muslims in general, and of  the Arabs in particular,  has not reached its limits at the bottom of the barrel. There is still a long way down the slippery meandering path in the abyss of immorality into which the Ummah is uncontrollably sliding to its destruction. The stage still has to be reached when Arab women will be "gyrating with their buttocks swinging around idols" – Hadith.  Idolatry and immorality  go hand in hand.
   There is one consolation in this scenario of filth, immorality, fisq and fujoor   which the Saudi regime is nourishing – that is the collapse and annihilation of the Saudi regime are not in the too distant future. The Whip of Allah Azza Wa Jal will strike suddenly and swiftly and the Saudi regime will be relegated into oblivion in a remote corner of history.  
    Dua is a very powerful weapon when it rises from the hearts of the righteous ones.  The  kuffaar superpowers will not be able to aid and sustain the Saudi regime when it is time for the decree of Allah's Athaab. The Qur'aan, warning all these tin-topped  zaalim rulers, says:
               "For every nation  there is an appointed time. When its appointed time
                 dawns, neither will it be delayed or advanced by a moment."   

    The current orgies of  waste and immorality in which the Saudi regime is lost in a drunken stupor of bestial enjoyment, are simply  in consonance with the  following Qur'aanic aayat:
       "When We intend to destroy a city (or a community or nation), we command its
          affluent ones (to go wild with their evil and villainy), then they (recklessly)
          indulge in fisq in the city. Then the decree is established over them. We then
          utterly destroy the city (with its inhabitants). "
The wheel of Saudi ruin and destruction is about to make its full turn.

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