Friday, May 07 2021 Written by Administrator  




The Juhala of the IMA have published pure rubbish which they term ‘safe eid guidelines’. These ‘guidelines’ are in reality guidelines to Jahannam. Since the IMA is a Munaafiq cartel of Juhala, they are in league with Iblees to demolish Islam – a goal which they will not achieve.


This outfit of Munaafiqeen has mentioned 13 disgusting acts which they dub ‘safe eid guidelines’.  Every one of this gamut of stupidity is kufr – such kufr which expels from Islam. It is haraam for Muslims to adopt even one of the evil stupidities which the Munaafiqeen suggest.


One extremely beneficial fallout of the satanic covid plot is that the Munaafiqs in our community are increasingly being exposed. Even moron molvis are caught in this trap of Iblees. Their convoluted brains have blinded their spiritual vision. Even molvis have degenerated into the cesspool of inequity and kufr which their bootlicking has created for them.


The juhala of IMA are leading moron molvis towards Hell-Fire with all the kufr theories and stupidities which they have acquired from their atheist masters. Molvis who support the kufr of the IMA are among the worst types of ulama-e-soo’. They are worse than khanaazeer.


These  munaafiq  juhala advise Muslims to “protect their familes with the kufr protocols of the kuffaar” whereas the Imaan of Muslims demand  that they seek protection with Allah Ta’ala, and to gain Allah’s Protection an essential requisite is to understand that all of these protocols without exception are kufr and it is Waajib to shun the kufr.   Voluntary submission to kufr negates Imaan.

24 Ramadhaan 1442 – 7 May 2021