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Numerous people have inundated us with queries regarding Cape Town collectors in general, not only Jamiatul Ulama Western Cape (JUWC). Much has been said and published by a variety of people in their targeting of JUWC. It is not our intention to soil ourselves with the gheebat and slanders of the gremlakin type of molvis and sheikhs whose primary objective is the BOODLE. While they operate unde deeni cover, only morons among the wealthy contributors of our community are caught in their snares.


At the outset we must once again reiterate our unambiguous, crystal clear stance regarding collections, especially if the collections are undertaken by characters posing as Ulama with grandiose schemes to hook the moron contributors in the snare of deception camouflaged with Deeni hues and an external very thin veneer of some tangible asset such as an office or a so-called ‘darul uloom’ building, a feeding scheme, a banking account and the like. Cape Town molvis and sheikhs flaunt such ‘assets’ as well as their ‘molvi-sheikh’ status to fleece the stupid wealthy Muslim community of Natal and Gauteng. But these juhala are not genuine molvis and sheikhs notwithstanding their scrap ‘sanads’ (certificates). They are in reality from a breed of scoundrels of the worst type. They utilize and mismanipulate the Deen for their pockets.


What we have just said above is applicable to all the so-called ‘ulama’ bodies and the ‘judicial councils’ of Cape Town. The latter in particular are the worst villains – they are murtads who specialize in halaalizing carrion with which they have ruined the Imaan of their entire community. They STEAL millions, buy properties and luxurious vehicles, yet they have no source of personal income. Their only income is the carrion boodle and the Lillah and Zakaat funds with which they nourish and putrefy their bodies and souls. They fill their rotten bellies with the Fire of Jahannam by devouring the funds which the wealthy sector of the stupid Muslim community cough up.


We say that the contributors are morons because despite their awareness of the heart-rending suffering of our Syrian mothers, sisters and children, as well as Muslims elsewhere, they (the wealthy class) continue patronizing these sharks from Cape Town operating under Deeni guise. What has happened to your brains. Perhaps all the riba and the carrion you devour has corrupted and convoluted your Aql and battered it beyond valid intellectual comprehension.


We again state our unambiguous stance regarding molvis/sheikhs embarking on collections – going from door to door begging for money for their hallucinated projects. Even for a genuine project it is most demeaning and not permissible for the Ulama to disgrace Knowledge and themselves moving around like tramps, bootlicking the wealthy for money. Ulama are supposed to only inform the community of their Deeni projects. Then they must leave the matter to Allah Ta’ala. If Allah Ta’ala desires a project to flourish, He will inspire the people of wealth to come forward with contributions. If contributions are not forthcoming, there is nothing to be concerned about.  The project is not waajib on our shoulders. Work within the means Allah Ta’ala has provided honourably.


We view with suspicion even genuine Ulama who act like tramps, going from door to door demeaning the Knowledge of the Deen.



This, indeed, was an ill-conceived, ill-advised hallucinatory project. Molvi Ihsaan Abrahams denies him being the originator of the scheme and the author of the advertising pamphlet which solicited R5 million. Since the ‘project’ was advertised in the name of JUWC, Molvi Ihsaan should answer with greater clarity why he should not be regarded as the author of the idea and article. It is not for us to explain. It is his obligation. It suffices for us to say that this R5 million project is an imaginary one. It is haraam to contribute funds for it.



Without going into a detailed rebuttal of the drivel response, we have to clarify that the claim that the Mujlisul Ulama “had a fulltime paid collector about a decade ago or so with a car”, is a blatant LIE. Alhamdulillah, in the half a century of our existence there is not a single instance of soliciting funds or undertaking collections. The chap who had made this statement must have been suffering a bout of substance abuse.


Molvi Ihsaan denies awareness of this pamphlet. According to him he became aware only after its publications. There is no need for us to comment further.



As for the claim of mashwarah with us, it should be abundantly clear that whatever consultation Molvi Ihsaan had with us did not pertain to his collection drive. We are averse to it. We abhor it, and we say with emphasis that no one should contribute funds to JUWC or to any other Cape Town organization or to any other body from anywhere else on the understanding that Mujlisul Ulama supports the collection drive.


If any brother wishes to contribute to JUWC, he should go to Cape Town, investigate and ascertain the credibility of any project for which funds are required. We do not police the funds of JUWC. We are not in charge of the projects of JUWC.



The ‘documentation’ – letters of Mujlisul Ulama – which Molvi Ihsaan has, does not relate to collecting funds. It was an error to display such letters for the purpose of collecting funds. The documentation is totally unrelated to fund-collecting.


Anyhow, Molvi Ihsaan has retracted  the silly response issued in his name, and has accepted our advice of scrapping the R5 million ‘safe house’ project which some moron had put into his head.



We do not sanction the collection drive of JUWC. Furthermore, the degree of Deeni activity in which JUWC is currently involved does not warrant large amounts of money.


All other so-called ‘ulama’ and ‘judicial’ bodies in Cape Town are BOGUS and FRAUDS. It is not permissible to contribute funds to them.

27 Ramadhaan 1442 – 10 May 2021