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24 Rabiuth Thaani 1434 – 8 March 2013


PORK, DONKEY MEAT and all haraam carrion meat are khabaaith nauseating evil filth). The Qur’aan states:
“He makes lawful for you tayyibaat (halaal and wholesome food), And he makes haraam for you khabaa-ith (nauseating filth).”
(Surah A’raaf, aayat 147)

Recently, the University of Stellenbosch had made a survey of pre-packed meats sold in supermarkets and butcheries in the Cape area. The Stellenbosch University’s Department of Animal Sciences and the Food and & Allergy Consulting & Testing Services had acquired 139 samples of meat from a variety of supermarkets and butcheries. The University’s tests confirmed that 99 of the 139 packets of meat were mislabelled and contained even pork and donkey meat.

It should be noted that almost all the pre-packed meats sold in supermarkets in the Cape area have been halaalized by the MJC.  It can therefore be safely inferred that most of the samples were certified ‘halaal’ by the MJC and/or other haraam ‘halaal’ certificate hawkers. Attempts had been made to ascertain this fact from the University. However, the Professor in charge of the testing refused to divulge the information which is so necessary and vital for the Muslim community.

The Professor mentioned that he does not want to name and shame anyone, hence the names of the supermarkets and the meat brands are being withheld.  On the basis of the circumstances underlying the pork and donkey meat saga, it is safe to understand that:

(1)    Most of the samples tested were ‘halaal’ stamped in view of the fact that the MJC has covered almost all the carrion-producing enterprises.
(2)    The tested samples were mostly, if not all, ‘halaal’-stamped. The refusal of the Professor to provide any information in this regard is in fact an implied confirmation that the samples were halaalized carrion. If the samples were not halaal-stamped, the Professor would have said without hesitation that none were halaal-stamped.

Muslims who have been purchasing halaal-stamped meats from supermarkets and even butcheries should understand that all along they were consuming  halaalized carrion in the form of pork and donkey meat.

The following article relates to the pork and donkey meat saga:

Article By: Graeme Raubenheimer, EWN
The Consumer Forum in the Western Cape on Wednesday said in light of the country's meat labelling scandal, all Halaal certifying authorities should be disbanded.

It said the certifiers were too profit driven and failed to protect the consumer from the dangers of mislabelled meats.

Two university studies recently found that some deli meats, burger patties and biltong contained traces of donkey, water buffalo and even kangaroo.

The forum's Imraahn Ismail-Mukaddam said, "We believe they have failed in their mandate because as Muslim consumers we are still being exposed to eating products that are not permissible. Despite the whole uproar debacle following the Orion saga, no prevention measures have been put in place."

Meanwhile, the National Consumer Commission said its investigation into the meat saga would focus on retailers at the end of March.

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