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A Brother from Malawi complaining about the villainy of the human devils in charge of the Musjid, writes:


I live in Malawi. The committee members of the Masjid have enforced wearing Masks in the Masjid and in Salaah. What is the ruling with regards to this. Kindly can Mufti Saab please provide an answer with references from the Hanafi Books of Jurisprudence.


On Friday, the Imaam of the Masjid advised the community and committee members in charge not to be enforcing these Masks in Salaah. This is due to the fact that these same committee members do not enforce masks in their shops.


One of the committee members amongst many other "rich"people who are committee members of the grounds where shaytaani sports takes place, have not enforced the mask there. The chairman in specific is one in charge of the Masjid and grounds. Is this person fit to be chairman for the Masjid so as to also be taken charge of the grounds?


Some committee members hardly visit the Masjid for Salaah and now to fight and raise voices in the Masjid enforcing people to wear the Mask has been attending the Masjid. This brother and his father are committee members and always raise voices in the Masjid for the mask. And fight cause discomfort to other Musallis.


Some Ulama who are referred to by committee members were asked about the correctness of the Imaam in warning the committee not to enforce masks in Salaah. This "Aalim" is said not to concur to the view of the Aalim that mentioned this. As a result the committee members suspended the Imaam from lectures and Imaamat and also giving a Khutbah.


Can Mufti Saab kindly send a detailed response for the query in hand and comment on the status of such Ulama and committee members.


Must we attend such Masaajid?


Please can Mufti saab also provide references with the ruling of wearing a mask in Salaah or in the Masjid.


The committee members enforcing this justify their statements by saying it is the government law whereby these same committee members don't follow other government policies such as during driving and import and export taxes and buying stolen cars etc.


I would really appreciate the answer to be sent also in a PDF format.


Jazakumullah khairan.

(End of letter)


Wearing masks in Salaat is haraam. The haraam is aggravated on account of masks being the effect of the kufr belief of contagion which is the theory of the atheists and mushrikeen.  Musallis should not abide by the orders of the evil trustees. Musallis should kick them out. Defy these shayaateen.


On our website you will find adequate explanation and articles on the devil’s mask.


On the basis of what you have explained, the chairman and the whole committee are unqualified to be trustees of the Musjid. They are signs of Qiyaamah. Trust is being placed in the hands of scoundrels. The musallis are failing in their duty. It is their duty to dismiss these scoundrel trustees. It is not permissible to allow these scoundrels to operate as trustees. Kick them out!


Do not attend the Musjid if the devil’s niqaab (the covid mask) has been enforced by these devilish trustees. They are converting the Musjid into a weird temple. Perform Salaat elsewhere even in homes, garages, storerooms, etc., but not in the Musjid where satanism is being enforced.

8 Zul-Hajj 1442 – 19 July 2021