Monday, July 26 2021 Written by Administrator  


On the issue of bogus UUCSA’s application to the court for abolition of the Shariah’s laws pertaining to Nikah, Talaaq and its consequences, the Jamiatul Ulama KZN, a member of this bogus UUCSA entity, issues the following statements:


The Jamiatul Ulama KZN is one of the founding members of UUCSA, which is supposed to be an umbrella body comprising of a number of regional Ulama councils. Unknown to us, UUCSA has taken a decision to apply to be admitted as amicus curiae (Friend of the Court) in the Constitutional Court appeal. We only became aware thereof yesterday when certain messages appeared on social media. We were never consulted in this matter, nor were we part of the decision making process (if any) authorising UUCSA to launch such an application. We have, on an urgent basis, written to the UUCSA Secretariat seeking clarification in this regard. In all this time UUCSA’s secretariat did not even have the courtesy of informing us that such an application was being made.

The Jamiatul Ulama KZN distances itself from UUCSA’s application and submission made before the Constitutional Court. It is indeed regrettable that UUCSA has failed to consult one of its own founding members.

We reserve our rights.

Executive Committee
Jamiatul Ulama KZN
24th July 2021
13th Zul Hijjah 1442

15 Zul-Hajj 1442 – 26 July 2021