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In a desperate, baseless vindictive statement issued by bogus UUCSA to justify its kufr of petitioning the kuffaar court to render the Shariah’s laws pertaining to Nikah, Talaaq, etc. subservient to the kufr constitution and other Acts of law, this cartel of Munaafiqeen has issued a statement designed to befool themselves and befuddle ignorant and unwary Muslims of the notoriety of its kufr application.


(1)  In its statement, the Munaafiqeen say:

“UUCSA is neither an applicant nor respondent in the matter. The Women’s Legal Centre went to court to have Muslim marriages recognised. Our role is simply to offer a perspective for the consideration of the Constitutional Court. Our function as amicus is to protect the interests of Islam and Muslims and to preserve the Shariah.”



The silly technicality of not being an applicant nor respondent does not change the reality of UUCSA’s kufr petition. UUCSA is proceeding to the kuffaar court in 100% support of the kuffaar Women’s Legal Centre in the endeavour to compel the government to enact legislation to recognize Muslim marriages.


Governmental recognition of Muslim marriages is not mere recognition minus consequences. Secular/legal recognition of marriages comes with a load of concomitant kufr consequences. Once kufr legal recognition is accorded to Muslim marriages, all Shariah consequences automatically fall away. The marriage and divorce are then subjected to all the consequences specified in the kufr, legal marriage act, divorce act, etc., etc.


The role of UUCSA is to seek governmental recognition for Muslim marriages, divorces, etc.  which, if such recognition is accorded, will be taken out from  the ambit of the Shariah. It is therefore absolutely satanic, false and deceptive for the Munaafiq, A.K.Allie to aver that its role is to “protect the interests of Islam and Muslims and to preserve the Shariah?”


If truly this Munaafiq character believes the effluvium which he has disgorged, then such stupidity is astounding coming from a chap who is proceeding to the kuffaar court to gain support for mutilating the Shariah, and who falsely peddles the idea of UUCSA being the representative of the Muslim community. How on earth and how in the Heaven and how in Hell can Islam and Muslims be protected when all the consequences of legal recognition are kufr? The consequences of a Talaaq recognized by Allah Azza Wa Jal are as follows:



These are some of the consequences of Talaaq – consequences which are abhorrent to kufr law and the likes of the Munaaafiqeen such as Allie with his Bogus UUCSA. Every one of the aforementioned Shar’i ahkaam as well as all other masaa-il pertaining to these issues are extremely repugnant and unlawful in terms of the kufr constitution which has become the god of Allie and UUCSA.


It should be clear that UUCSA’s role in its flight towards the kuffaar court is nothing other than subversion of the Shariah. It is a dastardly LIE and massive deception to claim that its procession to court is to “protect Islam, Muslims and the Shariah”. A Muslim even if ignorant, who believes this LIE of UUCSA is bereft of intelligence. He suffers from intellectual morbidity.


UUCSA had also claimed to protect the Shariah when it had run to the kuffaar court to secure closure of the Musaajid and prohibition of Jumuah and Fardh Salaat in the Musaajid. Its stupid LIE of kufr that time was “to save lives”. The Shariah cannot be protected with kufr.


This article is the first instalment in refutation of UUCSA’s stupid, vindictive, false statement. We shall, Insha-Allah, refute every stupid point raised by UUCSA in its baseless defence.

18 Zul-Hajj 1442 – 29 July 2021

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