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Musjid Mansoor in Malabar with its haraam activities such as the covid protocols of the atheists, its indulgence in haraam sporting activities, its promotion of zina (luring women out of their homes to participate in haraam programmes under deeni guise), and now its latest, bid’ah ‘Friday Asr’ shaitaani programme camouflaged as ‘ibaadat’, has soiled, sullied and violated the sanctity of the Musjid.


The moron imaam of this Musjid and the group of stupid, fussaaq members constituting its stupid ‘governing council’ have converted the Musjid into a weird temple. Ignorant musallis are tricked by the Islamic nomenclature ascribed to the haraam bid’ah programmes which the evil molvi who happens to be the imam organizes.


In the latest bid’ah programme, the Asr Salaat has been inordinately delayed to 6 p.m. This is bordering on the Makrooh time, hence it is HARAAM to delay Asr Salaat to this time. The advert states: “Asr on other days will be at normal time.” This concedes that the Asr on Friday organized by the moron is at an abnormal time, and this is the Makrooh time.


Surah Kahaf is not a collective act of ibaadat. It is not an act to organize.  Everyone should recite Surah Kahaf at any time on Friday. To delay it to 6.10 p. m. and to make an exhibition of it are not permissible. It is in conflict with the Sunnah to recite Surah Kahaf on Friday at this very late hour. The preferable and best time is before Jumuah Salaat, not after Jumuah.


The ‘collective’ dua is a confirmed act of Iblees who is the mentor of the moron imam of this weird temple. It is not permissible to participate in this ostentatious collective dua which will be devoid of humility, but brimming with riya.


The programme for females is a haraam act which dastardly violates the Qur’aanic command for women to remain at home. It is in flagrant and treasonous violation of the Shariah’s prohibition which forbids women from coming to Musjid for even Salaat.  How then can it be permissible for them to emerge from their homes for any other type of programmed which Shaitaan has adorned for them via his agent, the imam of the temple?


The Hadith cited from Bukhari is an example of deception employed by the evil molvis among whom is the moron imam of the Musjid converted into a temple. There is absolutely not the slightest vestige of support for any one of the haraam items listed on the bid’ah programme.


The Maqbool Hour is unknown.  It can be at any time during Friday. The purport of the Hadith is to spend as much of the day in individual, private ibaadat in the hope of finding the blessed Hour.  But the agent of Iblees has cited the Hadith to confuse ignorant Muslims – to trick them into believing that they will be able to hook the Hour at the Makrooh time with the acts of bid’ah excreted by the agent of shaitaan.


Those musallis who are genuinely concerned with the attainment of thawaab for ibaadat, should not waste their time and ruin their ibaadat, and deprive themselves of thawaab by participating in the haraam bid’ah programme organized by fussaaq juhala.

16 Rabiul Awwal 1443 – 23 October 2021