Radio Shaitaan

Monday, March 31 2014 Written by Administrator  


Kufr is an incrementally creeping disease which corrodes and ultimately destroys every vestige of Imaan. This spiritually cancerous disease has over the years implicitly gnawed and nibbled at the Imaan of the ulama-e-soo’ molvies of Radio Shaitaan, the self-dubbed ‘radio islam’. 

Innumerable  Muslims among even the masses understand the immorality – fisq and fujoor – which this Devil’ Appendage is disseminating in the name of Islam. Any concerned Muslim or any Muslim who has some understanding of the demands of Imaan and Islami Akhlaaq understands from the copro-rubbish which Radio Shaitaan dins into the ears of people that, Islamically speaking, the molvies of this devil’s radio are disseminators of ‘pornography’ and acquit themselves as agents of Shaitaan. Instead of practising Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahy Anil Munakar, it has become their profession to practice Nahy Anil Ma’roof Amr bil Munkar (Prohibiting virtue and commanding evil).

Last year during the zina MTN awards, the vile personnel of this Shaitaani radio were in dalliance with semi-nude  faahishaat (immoral kuffaar women) in a setting of music, wine and photography. For gaining stupid kuffaar awards the brains of these fussaq molvies were rendered inoperative, precluding them from even a slight understanding of the several major sins in which they were flagrantly and publicly indulging for the sake of the stupid awards doled out by the MTN kuffaar. 

This year again the fussaaq and fujjaar evil molvies gloating about their MTN awards, are proclaiming like morons from the rooftop: “Bismillah Hir Rahmaan Nir Raheem All and absolute praise is due only to Allah……By the Grace of Almighty Allah, Radio Islam has over the last two decades endeavoured to promote the  message of  Islam…….”

Firstly, these juhhaal fussaaq molvies are unable to recite even Tasmiyah properly. There  are not two haas in ‘Bismillaahir Rahmaan’. The molvi morons of Radio Shaitaan say: Bismillah Hir. The H here, is a stupid interpolation. Secondly, Rahmaanir Raheem does not have two noons as the moron fussaaq molvies  stupidly say “Rahmaanin Nir. This N. testifies for their gross jahaalat which is a vice added to their fisq, fujoor and dhalaal. 

If Bismillaah is recited  on haraam carrion meat and chickens or any haraam food  being consumed, it will be kufr. It is not permissible to commence any sin with Tasmiyah. It is an act which expels one from the fold of Islam. This is exactly what the moron fujjaar molvies of Radio Shaitaan  are guilty of. They recite Tasmiyah and offer hollow and hypocritical praise to Allah Ta’ala for their sins of MTN award participation and for prostituting females and their voices over their shaitaani radio. The stupid manner in which the so-called ‘Muslim’ broadcasting females of Radio Shaitaan seductively mimic their non-Muslim radio counterparts, making apes of themselves, is confirmed prostitution of the female’s voice which is categorically haraam. 

The many haraam kinds of advertising; ruining  the morality of the stupid masses by haraam competitions especially during the holy night of Ramadhaan when Muslims are commanded to be in ibaadat, and when Allah Ta’ala Descends to the  heaven of the Dunya; preventing the broadcasting of the Haq against the Shiahs; participation in the zina MTN awards ceremony; display of takabbur and riya, and many other haraam features in which this evil tool of Shaitaan  excels, are all the very antithesis of Islam. Instead of ‘promoting the “message of islam”, the shayaateen of the radio are undermining and sullying Islam. It is not possible for any right-minded Muslim to understand that this evil radio promotes Islam. 

Gloating over its immoral ‘achievements’ and capping it with Allah’s Name is clear kufr. Shamelessly and in flagrant denial of the prohibition to publicize and praise sins – fisq and fujoor, the ghutha (rubbish) progeny of Iblees says:

“All praise to The Almighty, radio Islam has been nominated as finalists in nine categories by the distinguished judges of MTN Awards 2014.” 

When the molvies have degenerated to the gutter level of coupling Allah’s Name with functions and awards of prostitution, then the following Hadith of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) will be understood in proper perspective: 

“Soon shall there dawn an age over the people when nothing will remain of Islam but its name. Nothing will remain of the Qur’aan but its text. Their Musaajid will be adorned structures, but devoid of hidaayat. The worst of the people under the canopy of the sky will be their ulama. From them (these evil ulama) will emerge fitnah (fisq, fujoor- vice and immorality), and their fitnah will rebound on them.” 

In this age, this Hadith in the first instance applies to the Radio Shaitaan molvies who are the worst culprits guilty of undermining Islam. They are worse the open kuffaar enemies of Islam. Carnal lust and the inordinate crave for haraam money are the driving forces in their lives. There is no longer concern for halaal and haraam. As long as the money comes and as long as carnal gratification can be achieved, it does not matter whether the ways and means are halaal or haraam. This too is one of the signs of Qiyaamah. 

Salaat behind the molvies of Radio Shaitaan is not permissible. It was precisely for this reason that the late Marhoom Sufi Pandor Sahib would walk out of the Musjid if the Reverend Abraham Bham was leading the Salaat. A few months ago  on the occasion of the demise of Sufi Pandor Sahib (rahmatullah alayh), who was an ardent devotee of The Majlis, Radio Shaitaan, in order to extravasate cheap publicity, presented an obtuse obituary of Sufi Sahib – the very Sufi Sahib who refused to perform Salaat behind Reverend Bham, the chief of the unholy trinity- NNB Jamiat, Radio Shaitaan and SANHA, the carrion halaalizer. The molvies of Radio Shaitaan are the vilest breed of ulama-e-soo’ who have ever darkened and contaminated this land of South Africa with evil.

29 Jamadil Ula 1435 – 31 March 2014