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In a statement ringing hollow and exhibiting insincerity, SANHA is at pains to gloat and project the notion of the ‘reconciliation’ being a victory achieved for its imaginary efforts to resolve the  hallucinatory dispute by way of reconciliation.  If SANHA had been sincere, it would not have  issued a gloating statement. It would not have  resorted to innuendo and self-vindictive cracks. In fact, SANHA’s attitude is criminally egoistical. Whatever statements SANHA has gloatingly  disgorged,  did not emanate from its brains which of course it lacks. It emerged from a carrion-filled paunch  and a rotten soul – a soul putrefied by feeding the Ummah haraam carrion chickens for decades. 

Sight should not be lost of the fact that in diametric conflict with the Qur’aanic command, SANHA and Cii still appeared in front of the kuffaar court. The latter was obviously dragged to the kuffaar court. It would have sufficed for the kuffaar lawyers of the parties to have written to the BCCSA that the matter has been resolved and the complainant has withdrawn its charge. 

Sight should also not be lost of the fact that SANHA was pressurized by the Muslim public to submit to ‘arbitration’. SANHA had first rejected the arbitration proposal of Maulana Radhaul Haq. SANHA was intransigently adamant on seeking resolution in the kuffaar court. Whilst Mufti A.K. Hoosen was being dragged to the kuffaar court by SANHA,  SANHA was dragged to the ‘arbitration’ room by public  pressure.  SANHA may hang upside down in the way the chickens are tortured, and proclaim that it had willingly participated in the arbitration, its statement will be a dastardly canard. 

In its stupid statement, SANHA says: 

“…the mediators have requested SANHA to withdraw its complaint to the BCCSA against Cii. SANHA has gracefully accepted the request.”

This is false and silly. Firstly, SANHA claiming to be loaded with molvis, should hang its head with shame for failing to understand that its carrion act of running to the BCCSA was haraam and in conflict with the Qur’aan. Secondly, SANHA’s carrion-scholars for dollars lack sufficient brains to understand the need to voluntarily withdraw from the grievous error of having run under the skirt of the kuffaar BCCSA. In order to ‘gracefully’ withdraw from its kufr action in the kufr court, SANHA had to be persuaded by mediators to understand that it is professing to be Muslim, hence should behave as Muslims are required to behave. Thirdly, SANHA did not ‘gracefully’ accept the ‘request’. There was no request. It was an arbitration process to which SANHA had to submit. 

The ‘gracefully’ thing is simply a carrion stratagem to save face for being forced to withdraw its carrion complaint. 

Insha’Allah, in a future article we shall comment in detail on the terms of the ‘reconciliation’. But take it from us that there has been no ‘reconciliation’ whatsoever, As long as the hearts have not been cleansed – as long as Islaah of the Nafs has not been achieved – as long as these shayyaateen feed the Ummah haraam carrion, there will never be reconciliation. The kufr is too deeply embedded in the hearts of carrion-halaalizers who are among the worst type of scholars for dollars.

25 Jamadiyuth Thaani 1435 – 26 April 2014