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5 Sha’baan 1435 - 4 June 2014




 A justifiably irate and concerned Brother, questioning the NIHT’s halaalization of Baker’s alcohol-containing biscuits, wrote the following letter to NIHT: 


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As a South African muslim I and many others are slowly loosing confidence in the Halaal Authorities of S.A 

NUMBER ONE: In the recent bakers issue I personally wrote to bakers and got info from them that the lemon creams, chokits and tennis buiscuits DO contain alcohol, now on the front page of your website i see you say they DO NOT contain alcohol? so who should we believe you or the one who makes it??? please dont play with my Imaan i promise you Allah is all knowing fear him and the day of Qiyaamah you will have to answer for the millions of people who you are encouraging to eat this food just to keep in good books with your client. 


on your front page article you say in point 1 that

  1. The Bakers Tennis, Lemon Creams and Chockits biscuits do not contain any alcohol.

then in point 2.3 and 4 you say 

  1. 2. The alcohol is of a synthetic nature and is not fermented khamr (intoxicant made from wine, grapes or dates).
  1. 3. The synthetic alcohol is used purely as a solvent to disperse the flavourants and allow it to mix evenly with the biscuit dough.
  1. 4. According to Imam Abu Hanifa (Rahmatullah Alaihi), alcohol from sources other than grapes and dates is not considered impure (Najis‎).‎ Contemporary Scholars (Ulama) have thus declared their use as a solvent to be acceptable since the intoxicating properties have been fully eliminated. This is also the view of the majority of Muslim Scholars locally as well as worldwide.

so what is it?? does it have or not??? 

if according to point 1 it does not have then why is point 2,3 and 4 saying what type of alcohol is being used and justifying it??? 

Please for Allahs sake and the Ummahs sake clarify this for me! 

I promise you we Muslims are sick of this nonsense that's going on in S.A, every now and again its something if its not MJC mislabeling then its manipulation of words or stupid difference of opinion!

what difference of opinion? can something that is clear cut Harram be difference of opinion!!, who must we trust Today? even Alcohol is being re-termed and technically justified WHY? why are we so scared of the Kuffaar and allow ourselfs to restructure our Deen for them to be happy. and why are you people so adamant on feeding and happily feeding the Ummah any type of Alcohol in the first place. Shouldn't a muslim be happy to abstain from alcohol regardless of the source and process? and why are the Ulama encouraging it? 

BE CAREFULL dont play with our Deen, please think about this tonight before you NIHT guys go sleep. 

Mohammed A. Abdullah 

(End of letter)

We now have a formidable  array of  HARAAM products halaalized by the conglomerate of Iblees, viz., SANHA, MJC, NIHT and a couple of other carrion upstarts. The  main items on the list of halaalized  HARAAM products are:



May Allah Ta’ala have mercy on this miscreant Ummah.