Sha'baan, Blessed and Auspicious

Friday, June 13 2014 Written by Jamiatul Ulama of South Africa  


Both the Night and Day of 15th Sha’baan are blessed and auspicious occasions.  The following acts associated with this Holy Day should be noted:

(1)              It is meritorious to spend as much of the 15th Night in ibaadat – individual ibaadat at home.

(2)           The customary ‘big night’ talks/lectures organized on this Night in the Musaajid  are bid’ah.

(3)            There are no specific acts of Masnoon ibaadat for this Night. All and any kind of ibaadat is valid in whatever form it is rendered. Nafl Salaat, Tilaawat, Thikr, Durood and Dua should be the acts of ibaadat performed individually at home.

(4)           Visiting the Qabrustaan (graveyard) on the 15th Night is also meritorious.

(5)           It is Sunnah to fast on the 15th Day of Sha’baan.

Regarding the 15th Sha’baan, there are two extremist (Ghaali) sects on opposite sides of Siraatul Mustaqeem which is the Pathway of the Ahlus Sunnah Wala Jama’ah comprising of the followers of the Four Math-habs.

The one group of extremists is the Barelvi sect of Grave-Worshippers. While they uphold this auspicious Night, they have introduced a number of shaitaani acts of bid’ah and grave-worship. Since they take their lead from the Hindu mushrikeen, they decorate the Musaajid and the streets with a variety of coloured lights. Then they indulge in orgies of feasting and merrymaking by means of which they utterly ruin the sanctity of this auspicious occasion.

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