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Monday, June 16 2014 Written by Administrator  



Even stupid moron Molvis were recently lauding this liquor character as an ‘ambassador’ for Islam on account of his hypocritical ‘religious’ display on the shaitaani playfields of kuffaar sport. In fact, one moron molvi has even congratulated this faasiq on his appointment as the captain of shaitaan’s cricket team.

Mr. Amla sitting directly under the Castle Beer liquor placard and dressed like the kuffaar whom he idolizes, displayed his fisq and fujoor flagrantly as is self-evident in the above picture. The coveted ‘honour’ of the top devil’s post was too much a prize to let go, hence this time he could not care to conceal the nifaaq hidden in his heart.

Earlier, to bamboozle stupid fussaq Muslim kuffaar sport loving juhala, he would refuse to don a Castle Beer skipper, etc. But, this time he had no guts to refuse. The stakes of satanism were too high. To be the captain of shaitaan’s team is an irresistible prize to pursue, hence it was too hell with Islam.

The claims of him being a ‘devout’ Muslim are indeed laughable, which perhaps brains vermiculated by fisq and fujoor may swallow. How can a Muslim be devout when night and day he is entwined with kuffaar, fisq and fujoor? Association with najaasat and kufr desensitizes Imaani inhibition to evil, and makes shaitaaniyat palatable and acceptable, hence your Liquor Hero has no qualms sitting directing under a prominently displayed Castle Beer placard, dressed like the kuffar and flanked by kuffaar mates – all wallowing in najaaste-e-ghaleezah and janaabat.

On the Day of Qiyaamah one will rise with those with whom one had frolicked.  Those who abstain from Salaat will be resurrected with Fir’oun, Haamaan and Qaaroon. Those who advertise liquor and associate with shayaateen will rise on the Day of Qiyaamah with the standard of Castle Beer planted in their heads. Let Mr. Amla and his jaahil supporters, and the moron Molvi in particular, take lesson.

Juhala, in their support for the faasiq Amla, had raised a clamour of admiration in his defence for his show-off sitting in public when drinking water. On this score they proclaimed him a hero thus exhibiting their jahl, and little knowing that there are prostitutes who follow the Deen with greater diligence than the rodomontade attitude advertised by the liquor hero.

Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) have placed all cogs in the liquor trade on the same plane. Those who advertise Castle Beer like Amla, the liquor hero, are in the same category as are liquor producers, liquor sellers, liquor workers and liquor advertisers.

Nabi (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) informed us that “a man will be on the Day of Qiyaamah with those with whom he had associated.”

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