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A Sister expressing her opinion on the destructive influence of internet forums, writes: 

I feel ashamed and sad to write that my son is so addicted to the computer that my repeated reminders and naseehat have no effect on him. For the past five  years he has been glued to the internet for 14-15 hours a day. He sits on  the so called ‘islamic’ forums like the Sunni forum, Haq forum and the latest is Muftisays.

All these forums are only a platform for arguments ,throwing mud on the People of Allah and critisising learned Ulema and Muftis.He and all sitting there think of themselves to be real buzurgs and mujtahids, and above Islaah. I even read a debate on Hazrat Hakim Muhammed Akhtar  (rahmatullah alayh.

Furthermore he and all sitting on these forums chat to girls and think that it is perfectly halaal to do so. Perhaps for them only Coke, biscuits, chicken and chocolates are haraam. Some time ago, I contacted a Mufti Saheb and told him of all the destruction these forums are causing, even breaking homes, and asking him to give a fatwa as he himself was on the verge of a delicate situation about his respected daughter and knew first-hand about these shaitaani forums. He assured me he will do so as he himself was aware of the havoc these forums have caused in homes and  lives of families, but nothing he did nothing.

I really don't know what to do as my son has become so lazy and irresponsible that he does'nt do anything for a living. He lives by loafing from others.

The latest topic of discussion on forum Muftisays is jaadu, jinnaat and aamils. There is no namaz on time, no tilaawat, no masnoon azkaar - just a colosaal waste of time by indulging in  gheebat  and gossip. How can this ever be jaaiz (permissible)? Mufti Saheb I request you, rather beg you to please look urgently into this evil  matter,  and give a fatwa on your website like you have so courageously given about so many issues.

Many many parents especially wives and mothers are hit by these chattings with girls on forums.  There even have been threats of divorce.

I happened to read a shaitani advice by a shaitaani *mujaddid and mujthahid* who sits day and night on these forums. He told a person that “you should do nikah with the girl you are talking to --- at least make it halaal”. It was shocking. All these jaahil ‘mujtahids and mujaddids’  have the audacity and nerves to even engage in chats about the respected Sahabas (radhiyallahu anhum). I once read some statements about Hazrat Muawiya(radhiyallahu anhu).  I got so scared that I could not carry on. Furthermore they condemn and critise the fatwas of learned Allah-fearing Muftis, and make fun of them. Please do write an article on these shaitaani forums.(End of the Sister’s letter)


In the present era, Iblees has a free run in fostering immorality. In fact, he has succeeded to acquire the services of  so-called ‘ulama’ – molvies and sheikhs – to take charge of his conspiracy  to ruin the akhlaaq and corrupt the Imaan of millions of Muslims by means of the internet devil. Under ‘deeni’ guise,  jahaalat and shahwat (lust) are being disseminated and fostered. Males and females freely interact in talks of zina coated with an ‘islamic’ veneer. Whilst all these miserable followers of iblees befool and befuddle themselves with their deceitful ‘islamic’ presentation, deep down in their hearts they do know of the  shaitaani ribber lurking there.  They should reflect on the Qur’aanic aayat:

“In fact insaan has insight over his nafs although he puts forth excuses”.

They present a variety of utterly baatil excuses and arguments to pander to  their clandestine amours. Shaitaan has made them adept in exogitating ‘dalaa-il’ to justfy their haraam male-female contact. Zina has today become an easy acquisition. 

Innumerable so-called ‘ulama’ are in fact entrapped in zina relationships on the internet. What is the lure to enable a faasiq to be glued on an ostensibly Islamic  forum when the moron lacks the spirituality to devote a couple of minutes to performing Ishraaq Salaat for example? What allows him to sit glued for 15 hours a day on the so-called Islamic forums? What is the secret for the magnetic appeal which makes 15 hours pleasurable on shaitaan’s contraption?  The answer is shahwat - bestial lust – zina lust. 

All of these  forums are evil. The fitnah is far, far greater than  whatever minimal benefit their  brains discern.  It is  pure nafsaaniyat and shaitaaniyat which provide the impetus for these so-called ‘islamic’ forums. There is nothing Islamic in these forums. Forums which negate and deracinate Islamic morality cannever be  characterized as ‘Islamic’. Allah Ta’ala is fully aware of the filth which lurks in the hearts when men and women chat – commit zina of the mind, tongue and heart in the name of Islam. The Qur’aan warns: “Do not come near to zina.” These forums are subtle traps of zina. Shaitaan has indeed accomplished  his  mission par excellence  by employing these ‘islamic’ forums to destroy the morals of countless Muslims. 

In our age, the ‘ulama’ have become the shaitaan’s best supporters and agents. He has succeeded in deceiving them with ‘islamic’ arguments to halaalize zina and many other evils – all in the name of  ‘da’wat’ and ‘tableegh’.

17 Sha’baan 1435 – 16 June 2014

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