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Flaunting its puerile role at an Ulama talk-shop of pedantic gibberish, the Jamiatul Ulama KZN acquitted itself splenatically in a self-vindictive article of waste and silliness. The silly article captioned, “The Unity of the Ulama and those who would see it toppled”, was given an adequate response by a layman who displayed enormous superiority of Aql over the peevish molvis working in the Jamiat’s office.


The Brother’s naseehat dealt with facts concerning molvi shenanigans perpetrtated flagrantly in the public. He proffered his Naseehat to the Jamiat KZN. The Jamiat responded with a suggestion that he meets the molvis at their office for discussion. Such a meeting is designed simply to sweep the public rot of the molvi shenanigans under the carpet. We reproduce here, verbatim, the Naseehat of the Brother. Molvis should also learn to accept Naseehat from well-meaning and intelligent laymen. Whilst the Brother’s letter of Naseehat contains only facts and realities, the Jamiat KZN’s article is a lump of words which displays the silly ebb to which the Jamiat’s office workers have degenerated. In the attempt to defend their flailing image, they have made greater fools of themselves in their puerile article.




FROM: mohammed ahmed Abdullah 


Respected Ulama of Jamiat KZN. 

In response to the article titled, 'The Unity of the Ulama and those who would see it toppled' I would like to comment as a layman as as a member if the public sitting and watching things from a birds eye view. 

The past few months have been really sad to witness as a member of the public. The way things are going with the Ulama in S.A is really bad, however I feel there are a few deeper points the respected Ulama should consider. 

Firstly the Ulama of S.A including Jamiat KZN are doing an outstanding job and S.A has alot to be 'proud' of in terms of Deeni progress, Alhumdulillah. But at the same time with the number of people accepting Islam and the great Dawah work that is going on we also find a great lack of quality in the methods of the Ulama. 


1.Photography has become a norm even among the Ulama. Do a simple google search and youl see some of the most prominent Ulama of S.A smiling and posing. If not alone then with government. 

2.Television has been accepted by many Ulama and they even appear on TV hosting programes. Does Islam need us to break its laws to propagate its teachings? 

3. We all know about the radio islam awards function, honestly is that a function for Ulama??? i wont elaborate more, the videos that went around spoke for itself. 

4. all these social networks where peoples (and ladies) pictures are freely floating around, and ladies chatting and posting comments to Ulama. Islam or not? necessary or not? beneficial or not? 

5. Hijaab has become so common, alhumdulillah but we even find ladies with hijaab mingling with men in many Ulama bodies offices and Madrassahs (i have witnesses this first hand many a time as I am a handy man who does repairs at such offices), The Aalimahs wont think twice about talking to a strange man or to the Ustaads there. Since when did the Purdah become an excuse or licence to talk to men. Our mothers of the past never wore the honorable Purdah but had more Hayaah then the Aalimahs of today joking around with the Ulama infront of the students (what example are we setting) 

5. The ladies and the Ulama freely chatting on the Islamic radio stations, isnt that unislamic when Islam even warns against mingling with cousins and brother inlaws? when Islam doesnt allow a women to invite to Salaah(azaan) then why would it allow women to invite to Islam on a radio station ? 

6. The onging chicken Issue, I personally know Ulama who refrain from eating these commercial chickens, I have spoken to people working in the plants who can confirm the Haraaamness of it, and what about stunning??? what about cruelty to animals?? how many times did we see miss labeling of Haraam products? whos in charge of all this? Ulamaagain! 

7. Look at the issue with Mufti AK and SANHA, very well they had a reconciliation, but the frustrating part is that they never sort out the UMMAHS problem. The problem of Haraam chickens being marketed as Halaal! All well and good to be friends and speak nicely but the problem at hand needs to be sorted out! Now if the Senior Ulama saw the reconciliation to be sufficient then it seems they dont have the interest of the Ummah at hand. The Ulama are happy to hold hands, be friends and smile while the Ummah eats haraam. 

7. Ulama arranging Jummah for those attending soccer world cups, how crazy is that! to even accommodate them when they head towards haraam 

8. The Ulama of the local makatb madrassahs in my area host annual soccer tornaments, men and women mix freely, Ulama running around in shorts with no topis on, students now accept this as normal, standing and eating, boys and girls dressed to impress, not forgetting what Islam says about sport and  time wasting! whos in charge of all this? Ulamaagain! 

9. Look at the twisted and deceptive Islamic banking and insurance schemes, all approved by who? Ulama! 

10. Look at the Madiba funeral issue, how necessary was it for us Muslims to get involved with this. What was at steak. Was the S.A government going to kick all Muslims out if we did not send a Moulana to pray there with the Jews, Christians and idol worshipers? The pictures, the TV, the intermingling, the interfaith prayer - would Umar radiaylahu anhu be happy with this? whos decision was this? Ulama again! 

What happend to the ways of our Akaabireen? what happened to the strength of the Ulama of the past? the very same Ulama who established Deen is S.A. All these difference of options that are so readily available these days were never such in the times of our Pious predecessors.

Nowadays eveyone will analyse a ruling so hard untill they find a loophole to make permissible what was always known to be impermissible. 

These are just 10 examples out of many more which I can go on to list.



1.  It seems the Ulama of S.A although trying hard to do deen work in S.A, have a problem where they are ever ready to compromise on the very basic values that preserve the Honour of Deenul Islam. Will it harm us to remain firm on Shari laws instead of bending them to suit the people? NO! infact it will strengthen us! 

2. How will the Ulama bring Unity in the country when they are so ready to weaken the Shariah. Unity will never come if the Sharaih is not upheld. Its such a simple point, us as laymen can see this with our defective knowledge surely the Ulama are wiser than this?

We can expect disunity when we are invloved in weakening the shariah. 

So we ask ourselfs, oh beloved Ulama, who really wants to see the unity of the Ulama toppled? is it the ones busy toppling it themselfs?? 

Please forgive me for airing my opinion, please guide me and correct me if I am wrong in my statements, also please let me know if i am correct or just blurting out emotional speech, please remember me in your Duas







Respected Brother Mohammed

Wa Alaykumus Salaam Wa Rahmatullaahi Wa Barakaatuhu

Jazakallah for your email and the valid points that you have raised. You are most welcome to come to our office where these issues may be discussed. Kindly let us know when you are available so that an appointment may be scheduled. 


Was Salaam

Mufti Moosa Salie

Jamiatul Ulama (KZN) - Publications Department




FROM: mohammed ahmed Abdullah 


Respected Mufti Moosa Salie Saheb 

I truly appreciate the offer to discuss the points raised by myself. It is good to hear that the Ulama are willing to take the advise or suggestions of the public. I am based in Johannessburg and will Insha'Allah arrange a visit on my next trip to Kzn. 

I also feel that more important than discussing with myself who has minimal power compare to the Ulama, it would be best that these type of issues be raised at Ulama meetings / conferences like the Southern African conference mentioned in your newsletter. When a person criticizes, then one should analyze the criticism and ask yourself if you fall within this criticism. If so then make Islaah and rectify and if not then ignore and move on. 

Remember the points raised by myself were not faults that individuals are committing in privacy, these are things that are hapening in public, and when the public see Ulama doing things they assume its all permissible. 

I thank you again for you response and offer and hope to meet soon InshaAllah 

Humbly Requesting your Duas




Every act of the ten points raised by the Brother, is a crime against Allah Ta’ala and the Ummah perpetrated by Molvis flagrantly. The criminal acts of the Molvis are not private sins which we have to conceal. They are major crimes of Satanism which the Molvis themselves advertise by flagrant public perpetration. There is nothing to conceal. They have denuded themselves and stand with their Satr exposed in full public glare. 

The Jamiat’s stupid article will not assist in cementing the cracks and the fragmentization of the Ulama Fraternity. The negativity of the silly article will only exacerbate the  disunity which must be laid squarely on the shoulders of molvi shenanigans perpetrated so satanically in the name of Islam. 

Instead of acquitting itself as Ulama and taking a stand on Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahy Anil Munkar, the Jamiat KZN has joined the conglomerate of the Ahl-e-Baatil and Ahl-e-Bid’ah, hence its office workers are more at home with the Qabar Pujaari sect and the flagrant fussaaq of the MJC’s ilk. 

The current set of office workers of the Jamiat has brought disgrace to the name of the Jamiat which was established by the seniors such as Maulana A.H. Omarjee, Maulana C.M.Sema and others. The current Jamiat lacks in entirety in leadership. It is a rudderless group of youngster molvis who are unable to distinguish between right and left. The gibberish in their article testifies to the puerility of these office molvis who lack Islamic bearings. 

These molvis should grow up, display some maturity and attend to the Naseehat which the Brother has offered them. Discussing stupidly with the Brother in an office will serve no purpose. The agenda for a meeting with a layman is only an attempt to sweet-talk the Brother out of his Naseehat and to sweep the Haqq under the carpet. The Jamiat KZN has lost track of the Haqq. It is now plodding the path of baatil. May Allah Ta’ala grant these errant and miscreant molvis good hidaayat. 

We urge the Brother to be wary of the Jamiat’s cunning ploy of calling him to their office. He being a layman, and all alone, will be bowled over with molvi shenanigans and baatil. If the Jamiat KZN molvis have any fear for Allah Ta’ala and if there is any honesty in them, they should attend to the facts and realities highlighted by the Brother. Nothing comes from a silly meeting desired for silencing a layman.

7 Muharram 1436 – 1 November 2014

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