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A Brother writes: 

“On the 11 August 2015 over the air on Radio Al-Ansaar (i.e. Radio Ansaarush Shaitaan – The Majlis) a Molvi R. Khan blatantly offered glowing praises for the late King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. He lauded praise on the king for the improvement to the two Harams thereby making it easy for Muslims. 

It appears that according to the Maulana it is kosher for the Saudis to:

(1)  Commit acts of atrocities  in the Ummah

(2)  Violate the rights of Muslims by imprisoning, torturing and killing them, especially the Ulama-e-Haqq in Saudi Arabia.

(3)  Aiding and conniving with the kuffaar in setting up military bases from whence Muslim lands are attacked and horrific acts of aggression committed.

(4)  Refusing to allow Muslim refugees to enter the country.

(5)  Condoning haraam. Promoting haraam. Violating the Shariah flagrantly.

(6)  Squandering huge sums of money on haraam activities.

(7)  Supporting the kuffaar interfaith movement.

(8)  Etc. etc. etc.

(End of Letter)


The Molvi is one of those bootlickers whose gaze is on the cheap perks doled out by the Saudis. According to the Hadith, when a faasiq is praised, the Arsh of Allah shudders. Praising fussaaq is to aid in the destruction of Islam.


It is not permissible to praise fussaaq and fujjaar rulers. In a Hadith Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Verily, the most hated of the Qurraa’ (Qaaris and Ulama) by Allah, are those who visit the rulers.” Lauding plaudits on fussaaq and fujjaar rulers comes fully within the scope of this and many other Ahaadith. 

As for improvements to the two Musjids, the Saudis have not conferred any favour on the Ummah. On the contrary, they have destroyed the entire spirit as well as much of the Sunnah rituals of Hajj and Umrah. They have effaced all the sacred signs and relics which were supposed to have remained. Makkah and Madinah are two places which should have been retained in their originality. If the Hajj had not been slaughtered by the unholy commercialisation and modernization which the Saudis have perpetrated, then only sincere people whose desire is ibaadat will go for Hajj and Umrah. It is because of the curse of westernization to which the Haramain have been subjected, that 90% of those who visit the holy places have unholy motives. They go for evil holidaying and trading. 

The two holiest Musjids of Islam have been converted into market places. The sanctity of the Musjids is polluted by a host of haraam activities committed by the tourists who come in the garb of Ihraam, deceiving themselves and others. The chaos in the Haramain is the making of the Saudis. So evil are these Saudi bootlickers of the U.S. that they consider it honourable to emulate the western kuffaar by standing and urinating like donkeys in full view of the public. Hence they have installed hundreds of filthy urinals in the open at Mina and Arafaat where the jaahil males stand and urinate in full view of males and females. 

The degree of exploitation of the Hujjaaj is appalling. Everything of the Hajj and Umrah is exploitingly commercialized. The Saudi’s despite the trillions of dollars they gain from oil revenue, are scraping the very bottom of the barrel of greed by stealing  even the Zam Zam water and forcing the Hujjaaj to buy from them. Then, they compel the Hujjaaj to pay a high price for even the plastic packet in which the Zam Zam container is sealed. Zam Zam water belongs to the entire Ummah. It is water which Allah Ta’ala has bestowed freely to all Muslims. It is haraam to steal and sell the water.  Zam Zam water is not the property of the Saudi rulers. 

The Saudi rulers are scraping the very dregs of the barrel of robbery and crookery by stealing the Zam Zam water and preventing the Hujjaaj and the general public from access to Zam Zam which is the property of the entire Ummah and of even the animals as ordained by Allah Azza Wa Jal. 

Enslavement of the Saudis to the U.S.A. has resulted in multi-billions of dollars of oil and oil wealth being drained by America to maintain its thousands of military advisers, engineers and personnel at the numerous U.S.A. military bases in the Middle East ostensibly for ‘protecting’ Saudi Arabia and the surrogate U.S.A. Gulf Protectorates. Billions of dollars are regularly drained from Saudi Arabia for armaments and military hardware which the Saudis are unable to use. As a direct consequence of the colossal drain of oil wealth from Saudi Arabia to sustain the life of the U.S.A., the Saudis have been reduced to stealing Zam Zam water, and selling it to the Hujjaaj. Such vile highway robbers may not be praised at the cost of shaking Allah’s Arsh. The Ulama should utilize their intelligence and not look askance at the Saudis for cheap and disgraceful perks. Confound their visas. No one shall lose anything, neither in this dunya nor in the Aakhirah if Hajj and Umrah visas are denied. 

It was most unbecoming of the honourable Molvi sahib to have praised the Saudi rulers, and that too, from the platform of Ansaarush Shaitaan.

26 Zil Qa’dh 1436  - 11 September  2015