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The Muslim community is being exposed to some disgusting, obscene discussions aired on Channel Islam. The persons involved in the talks which in my opinion are Islamically immoral and obscene, are Safia Kaka who is the radio’s presenter, and Dr. Zaheda Kotu who answers the questions.

The questions and answers which are aired for public consumption, and which are listened to by the whole family, are extremely embarrassing, lewd and utterly shameless. The talks are centred on oral sex, the female’s genital organ, masturbating, attainment of sexual climax and other absolutely lewd and obscene issues.

I have written a letter of complaint to Channel Islam, but it appears that they are sweeping the issue under the carpet. Please inform me of the Islamic ruling pertaining to this issue.


The labelling of the radio station as ‘Channel Shaitaan’ is not without reason. Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“Haya is a branch of Imaan.”

Haya is shame and modesty. Lack of haya indicates extreme deficiency of Imaan. The lack of shame and modesty is evil for both male and female, but, the villainy of this evil is more abominable for females.

The Sages of Islam say: “When shame is eliminated, then do as you please.” The obscenity which Channel Shaitaan is airing is the effect of the elimination of Imaani haya in the pair of females who are the promoters and proponents of the lewd and obscene culture which the radio has introduced, and with which it is ruining the Islamic morals of listeners. Immorality, filth and obscenity are being promoted as Islamically acceptable, and the ‘acceptability’ and ‘respectability’ are being conferred to this type of pornography by a gradual process of desensitization.

The community which is already drifting away from Islamic culture –i.e. the Sunnah – is being desensitized by this type of lewd porno-programme. A sustained period of dinning the ears with the porno-filth will transform the abomination into a norm. This is the way in which Imaani haya is utterly destroyed. Sustained public exposure to filth and haram makes the filth an acceptable norm.

The obscenities which you have mentioned in the question are haraam. It is absolutely unacceptable for Muslims to so shamelessly broadcast over the air issues which put to shame even husband and wife in the privacy of their bedroom. Perhaps the two be-sharam women are not even Muslims, hence their porno-audacity.

In the kitaabs of the Shariah such as Beheshti Zewer, which have been written specifically for females, the female teacher who teaches these kitaabs is  instructed not to teach the girls certain intimate masaa-il (rules) pertaining to sexual issues. When they become of appropriate age, they will study such rules of their own accord. This is the advice to even females teaching girls.

In obscenity which is akin to pornography, Channel Shaitaan has by leaps and bounds surpassed the non-Muslim radio stations. None of the non-Muslim radio stations indulges in such unacceptable lewdness and obscenity as this so-called ‘Islamic’ channel. The radio has no valid Islamic justification for broadcasting shameless obscenities thereby ruining the morals of people, especially of young listeners. Obscenity and shamelessness are signs of the Impending Hour of Qiyaamah.

Zehir Omar Attorneys wrote the following letter to Channel Shaitaan:

“The subject of the discussion with Dr. Kotu involved the BIOLOGICAL FUNCTIONS of the FEMALE ANATOMY.

The liberal discussion about private female matters is ill-suited for a public broadcaster. Channel Islam has always marketed itself as a Muslim public broadcaster for family consumption. Muslim women find it very unsettling and embarrassing to listen to deep discussions about the female reproductive system while sitting having meals with their young sons/daughters and family members.

As a Muslim radio station, you should exercise a degree of “sharam” in the nature of matter broadcast on your STATION.”

“Sharam” (modesty/shame) which is integral to Imaan cannot be expected from Shaitaani medium. As we reach closer to the confines of Qiyaamah, immorality and obscenity among Muslims will increase and with it the Athaab of Allah Azza Wa Jal. For such people, the Qur’aan says: “Become disgraceful apes!” In the Hadith it is predicted that the time will dawn when people will be physically transfigured into apes and swines. The hearts, today have already become transfigured into the hearts of apes and swines, hence the rampant obscenity and immorality in the Muslim community.

11 Zil Hajj 1436  - 25 September 2015