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We reproduce verbatim, with the errors and the grammatical atrocities, the comments of another Saudi-bootlicking moron whose brains seem to be pulverized by the former colonial masters. The moron says:

“Ok: now I'm back at least 48hrs ago and observing the comments of Mina incident of public in general. I'm sorry to say but our people assumptions regarding Mina stampede is really false and they are just creating two impressions:

1) discouraging people to perform this unique religion ceremony keeping blame on Saudis.
2) Spreading hatred among Muslim hood.”



The charges against the Saudi regime are not baseless assumptions. The facts indicting the Saudi regime as well as the juhala crowds are  sufficiently glaring for levelling the charge of crimes committed by both parties – the regime and the crowds of ‘pilgrims’ who trampled to death  over a thousand of their own kind.

To discourage Muslims from embarking on Hajj and Umrah journeys, there is no need to disseminate false assumptions. The commercialization and corruption of the Hajj and Umrah ibaadaat by both the Saudi regime and the grossly ignorant and immoral Muslim masses are ample for discouraging sincere people from going for Hajj and Umrah unless it is their Fardh Hajj.

In this era, people should not undertake journeys to perform Nafl Hajj nor Umrah. To gain the thawaab of Nafl Hajj and Umrah, Allah Ta’ala has prescribed an extremely simple amal (act of ibaadat), and that is to perform four raka’ts Ishraaq Salaat. Furthermore, glancing with affection at the faces of parents, secures for the obedient children the thawaab of a Maqbool Hajj. If a child looks ten times a day at the faces of his/her parents, the thawaab of ten accepted Hajj is confirmed for that child.

Thus, there is no need to undertake arduous and sinful journeys to commit major sins in the Holy Cities whose sanctity has been utterly destroyed by the Saudi regime which has transformed Makkah Mukarramah and Madinah Munawwarah into holiday resorts of fisq and fujoor – immorality, vice and filth. The  billions of dollars which Muslim tourists squander annually in Saudi Arabia should be diverted to such projects which will benefit the suffering Ummah on earth and develop the Jannat of the contributors. It is never permissible to satanically squander the Amaanat of wealth touring, committing sin upon sin, and aiding the zaalim Saudi regime in oppression and defilement of the Hoy Cities.

Informing the Ummah of the reality and the truth underlying the disasters which afflicted Makkah and Mina, is not to cause ‘hatred among Muslims’. It is to alert Muslims of Allah’s impending greater Athaab (Punishment). The purpose is to create in Muslims an awareness of the reality, and the understanding that what has happened is the effect of Allah’s Wrath. They must beware. Allah Ta’ala says in the Qur’aan Majeed: “And  only the people of intelligence derive lesson.”

As for the moron bootlickers who lick the boots of the fussaaq and fujjaar Zaalimeen, the Qur’aan informs us of the reason for their bootlicking: “And He (Allah Azza Wa Jal) casts rijs (filth) on (the brains and in the hearts) of those who lack Aql (intelligence).”

The bootlicking moron says: “Let me tell you the series of events: 1. Starting from Crane incident the media took a front seat especially foreign like BBC, Economist and Times of India etc and criticising the USD 60bn expansion of Haram Sharif. My point was which nation have ever prepared for incidents like tsunami, flash rains & floods, storms etc. I was the prime witnessed while the Crain fell down and believe me or not it was Act of God. Everything came up in matter of seconds and flew away whatever came in its way. The Crain which fell was the world second largest and installed outside of Haram but it cannot sustained the wind pressure and electric lightening and believe me or not the mega Crain fell like a piece of paper in air. Since I told you it was act of God even then the prayers doesn't stop and handful of people kept doing Tawaf and I was one of them. On Saudis side they didn't let people to panic and they close the doors for only half & hour and clear all bodies and injured people from venue. They didn't impose any emergency and let the people to continue their worship.”


We have reproduced the moron’s speech verbatim. The many grammatical errors in the statement are not to be attributed to any typographical errors committed by us. All the errors and atrocities of language are for the account of the Saudi-bootlicking moron.

If the moron wants to credit the Saudi regime for there allegedly being no ‘panic’ on the occasion of the crane disaster, he should reflect on the consequences of the panic when the inhuman stampede occurred at Mina.

It is not only the western media which criticized the Saudi regime’s squandering of $60 million. All intelligent Muslims who understand the value and holiness of the Holy Cities, and who have the  sufferings of the Ummah at heart, vehemently condemn the Saudis for stealing the $60 billion  from the Public Treasury and wasting it in haraam building constructions aimed at disfiguring the Holy Places and  transforming these  noble Cities into  western style immoral holiday resorts.

The desire of genuine Muslims is to spend a few days in the Holy Cities to gain Divine Proximity. Filthy immoral malls, satanic high rise buildings dwarfing the Holy Ka’bah, and all the other western kuffaar paraphernalia which goes with resorts and casinos of prostitution, vice and sexual perversion are abhorrent. Muslims are not pleased with the $60 billion destruction and defilement which the zaalim Saudi regime has caused to Makkah Mukarramah and Madinah Munawwarah. The $60 billion should have been constructively spent on the suffering masses of the Ummah sprawling in abject poverty, suffering and such ignorance which drives ignorant people to kufr – such jahaalat from which Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) instructed us to seek Allah’s refuge and protection. Hundreds of Muslim refugees who have flocked to Europe in recent weeks have officially embraced Christianity solely to gain asylum in the lands of kufr.

The destruction wrought to Musjidul Haraam by the Saudi regime at the ludicrous cost of $60 billion is not appreciated by Muslims. Genuine and sincere Muslims do not applaud the Saudi regime for its haraam extravagance of $60 billion. The Ummah is not impressed by this colossal waste as are the bootlickers whose greed is focussed on Saudi riyals and other perks. They are like dogs licking up vomit.

The moron babbles stupidly about tsunamis, floods and storms, ascribing the crane disaster to an ‘Act of God’ as if in this universe there are any acts which are not the acts of Rabbul Aalameen. The use of the term, ‘God’ for Allah Azza Wa Jal by a professed Muslim illustrates the  pulverization  by  British  colonialism of the brains of Muslims. The Muslim people who had languished under colonial culture, are still mentally colonized despite their supposed political independence of half a century. Their brains continue to function in subservience  to the culture  of the western masters, hence this moron is unable to say ‘Allah  Ta’ala’. What is the need to call our Rabb  by the kuffaar designation of ‘god’. Muslims should not substitute the glorious Name – Ism-e-Thaat – with the kuffaar denigrated name, ‘god’.

What is the moron’s concept of ‘Act of God’? It is undoubtedly, the same as the understanding of the moron’s western masters. In this concept, all natural acts beyond man’s control are ‘Acts of God’. On the other hand, all acts within the volitional ability of man, are only the acts of man.  However, the Muslim whose brains have not been ruined with divinely afflicted rijs knows that all acts in the universe are Acts of Allah, Rabbul Aalameen.  Every atom which moves, and every moving insect in the bowels of the earth, and every occurrence regardless of how great or how infinitesimal, and whether within man’s volitional ability or not, are the Acts of Allah Azza Wa Jal. Confirming this incontrovertible fact of Truth, the Qur’aan Majeed states:

“Nothing in the heavens and the earth is hidden from your Rabb, be it the size of an atom or smaller than it or bigger than it, but it is (recorded) in a Clear Book.”

“By Him are the Keys of the Ghaib (i.e. what is unseen and unknown

to man). He knows what is on the land and in the ocean. Not a leaf

drops (from a tree), but He is aware. There is not a seed in the darkness

of the earth nor anything moist or dry, but it is (recorded) in a Clear Book.”


Every occurrence in creation is by the direct intervention and command of Allah Azza Wa Jal. The maut (death) of a leaf is signified by its dropping off from the tree. The breaking of a cup in your home is the maut of that utensil commanded by Allah Azza Wa Jal. There are no accidents in Allah’s creation. Everything – every atom, every development, every occurrence – is by Allah’s decree.

A tsunami, storm, the collapse of a building, the strike of lightning and the disastrous fall of a crane, are all by Allah’s command. These occurrences may not be fobbed off as aimless ‘Acts of God’ from which mankind is divorced. The misdeeds, villainy, oppression and vice of  human beings, especially if they are Muslims,  are the factors which invoke and justify the Athaab (Punishment) of Allah Azza Wa Jal – Punishment which assumes a variety of  kinds among which are tsunamis,  storms, fires and crane disasters.

An act of Rabbul Aalameen is not an accident over which man has no control. Despite  Allah Azza Wa Jal being the First and Primary Cause of  occurrences, the secondary cause which justify the enaction of the First Cause is the transgression and vice of mankind, especially if they happen to be Muslims. The Qur’aan and Ahaadith are replete with warnings of Allah’s Punishment assuming the form of storms, floods, earthquakes, and other kinds of natural disasters, etc. And the Qur’aan and the Ahaadith explicitly state that these disasters are the consequences of transgression, vice and oppression. Man’s misdeeds and corruption invite these Acts of Rabbul Aalameen. Conforming this fact, the Qur’aan Majeed states:

“Anarchy (mischief and turmoil) has appeared on the land and the

ocean on account of the (evil) perpetrated by the hands of the

people, so that Allah may cause them to taste (the consequences)

of  some of the (misdeeds) they have wrought, for perhaps they

will return (to Siraatul Mustaqeem).”


Warning us all – the impious and the pious – the faasiqs and the buzrugs – of His aam (universal) Punishment, Allah Ta’ala states in His Qur’aan Majeed: “Beware of such a Punishment which will overtake not only the transgressors among you.” It will take in its arc even the Buzrugs and the Ulama, even the sincere Ulama and sincere Auliya, who had acquitted themselves like ‘dumb devils’ (Rasulullah’s designation for those who abstain from Amr Bil Ma’roof, Nahy Anil Munkar). Thus, the fall of the crane was a Divine Lash to create alertness in Muslims, and to take note that if they do not heed the Warning, this small punishment will be merely a prelude for the Athaab-e-Akbar (the Greater Punishment) which will be universal.

Stating this Divine Methodology of punishment, the Qur’aan says:

“Most assuredly, We shall give them to taste the lesser punishment

apart from the greater punishment, so that (they realize and perhaps

they may) return (to Siraatul Mustaqeem).”


Disease, plagues, worldly hardships, fires, falling cranes and all forms of natural calamities are described as Al-Athaabul Adna in the Qur’aan. The greater punishment refers to the universal punishment or the ultimate punishment of Jahannam in the Aakhirat. Thus, none of the calamities which have recently plagued Makkah and Mina are accidents, the blame of which cannot be attributed to anyone on earth. While these are undoubtedly Acts of Rabbul Aalameen, they are the bitter consequences of the villainy and immorality of the masses and the Saudi regime which in reality is the reflection of the evil of the Ummah. Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Your deeds are your rulers.”


The bootlicking moron further says:

“2. Mina incident: the arrangements at Mina were more than efficient this time. Over 100,000 Askaris/volunteer placed at all the places. Thousands of cold drinking waters tanks and toilets installed on every few meters. To counter heat , they have put extra post of water sprinkle with every lamb post throughout the streets, thousands of mobile water, juices and cold drinks trucks were there to feed all Hujjajs, plus they have operated the trains & busses to transport people. Importantly, they have also put the strict vigilance on the illegal entrants to avoid the congestion. Despite every thing again the Act of God started to work. The weather all started to become hot from 37 degree to 48 degree on the first night of Mina there was again wind storm came with thunder. But this time the winds were hot and water pouring was cold Subhanallah. On the very next day Arafat the most hot day witnessed. All air-conditions at camps turned liabilities and started to through hot air and by day end it made people exhausted. There you come the journey from Arafat to Mina. Myself witnessed the aftermaths of heat thousands of people starting to faint even at night time even our five-star bus gear system get corrupted and bus get stopped. We had to walk for our destiny too. The stampede day....over 3million people walk on one direction but unlike previous years this year the heat waves are at all time high. With past two days of fatigue and heat wave it was hard to make way to Jamarat. I believe where stampede happened it was due to heat, suffocation and people lost patience due to heat.”



The vilest LIE in this bootlicking defence of the Saudi regime is the bootlicking moron’s averment:  “The stampede day…over 3 million people walk on one direction…” This is a despicable canard uttered by a contemptible bootlicker.  Firstly, the Hajj crowd was not 3 million. According to official figures, it was just above 2 million. Secondly, the entire concourse of 2 million did not set out together towards the Jamaraat. Thirdly, the claim of all walking in one direction is a filthy LIE.

If the crowd had been walking in one direction, there would not have occurred the murderous stampede regardless of the heat. The suffocation was not the effect of a huge crowd walking peacefully in one direction. The murderous stampede with its ingredients of trampling, suffocation and crushing to death, was the direct consequence of two huge crowds of ignorant people converging from opposite directions. The one crowd was heading towards the Jamaraat while the other crowd was returning from the Jamaraat. This is the actual cause which the Saudis are desperately endeavouring to sweep under the carpet, and   the obligation of the bootlickers is to assist their benefactors in this achievement.

The truth of two crowds moving on a direct collision course in the same barricaded lane will not be extinguished. The moron boasts of the $60 billion systems established by the Saudi regime to streamline, supervise and control the Hujjaaj, yet the reality of the two crowds moving in opposite directions in the same cattle-cage lane which is a one-way line designed for only a one-way crowd, is feverishly being concealed under a mass of falsehood in the desperate bid to exculpate the regime from culpability.

The cause of the stampede was the entourage of Salmaan, the kings son. The road in which the crowd returning from the Jamaraat had to take was blocked off by the Saudi security personnel to allow the prince with his large convoy of vehicles to move freely in pomp and stupid style. The numbskull royalty and moron security apparatus, too stupid to foresee the disaster in the making in the unjustified closure of the lane thereby compelling the returning crowd into the other lane on the death trip, caused the stampede which exploded when the two crowds of juhala pilgrims clashed head-on.

Blaming the heat for the stampede is palpable rubbish which no one of intelligence can ever accept.

Coming to the thousands of toilets about which the moron brags, perhaps these toilets also had a role in the disasters, for they are a physical manifestation of the immorality, shamelessness and perversion of the Saudi regime and the masses who lift their ihraam sheets in the public in full view of passing females. These thousands of ‘toilets’ are filthy, haraam, standing urinals which the American Boss ordered his Saudi serfs to install. Tens of millions of dollars were paid to the kuffaar to install these shameless immoral urinal contraptions in Mina, Muzdalifah and Arafaat.

The shamelessness of the Saudi regime and the pilgrims who utilize these urinals of Iblees is mind boggling. Just picture King Salmaan standing in the public in full view of passing ladies, with his ihraam sheet pulled up exposing his legs and his organ of privacy to urinate like an ass in the street. Every jaahil pilgrim in this scene should be imagined to be King Salmaan who is responsible for this immoral filth. Their debased brains have debased the pilgrims by the imposition of public immorality. These urinals are a lasting shame – a huge blot of kuffaar style immorality. The juhala utilizing these standing urinals soil their ihraam garb by relieving themselves in public. It is not possible to retain the purity of the ihraam garb whilst urinating like donkeys in the public. The Saudi regime has made an immoral mockery of the Hajj ibaadat. There is nothing to be proud of on account of the ‘thousands of toilets’. These are toilets for Iblees and his progeny.

The mishaps to which the moron bootlicker has referred are all parts of the ‘Lesser Punishment’. The heat cannot be blamed. The heat is in fact part of the Athaab. The material factors to which the disasters are related are not the causes of the calamities. They are the effects of the fisq, fujoor, bid’ah, kufr and zulm of Muslims.  Denial of this Truth is kufr, for it is tantamount to denying the Qur’aan and Ahaadith which explicitly inform us of this reality.


The moron bootlicker further says:

And it all happened. Those who are putting conspiracies like Irani people were responsible for stampede, or convoy movement of prince, or the mistake of Askari over there are just misleading the entire Ummah and helping non-Muslims to counter us.”

The engineers of conspiracies to pull wool over the eyes of the Ummah are the Saudi regime and its bootlickers. As far as the Iraanis (Shiahs) are concerned, our stand is brighter than the rays of the sun. We say that the Shiahs are kaafir. But this truth may not be used as a basis for committing injustice. The Qur’aan forbids injustice on the basis of hatred. While we say that Shiahs are kaafir, we must uphold the truth which they say regarding the cause of the stampede.

Furthermore, it is not only the Shiahs who have made this claim. Others who were on the scene, testify to the cause of the stampede. From the legal perspective, the Saudi regime is 100% guilty for the chaos, injuries and deaths caused by the stampede. From the moral perspective, the hujjaaj too are equally blameworthy. It was Allah’s Punishment for a miscreant Ummah – a people who wilfully and rebelliously flout and humiliate the Deen of Allah Azza Wa Jal.


The moron bootlicker in praise of his master, avers:

“I bet the way Saudis are facilitating Hujjajs no body even the super power like US can do it. Imagine what's the need of spending USD 60bn for Haram expansion. The power plant to provide entire mosque power is 18,000mw that's more than power we produce in entire Pakistan.”

Did anyone ever hear of a thousand people being trampled to death in the land of the Saudi regime’s Boss (the U.S.A.)? Did the moron hear of thousands being crushed to death underfoot at gatherings of other kufr faiths – gatherings of millions taking place annually? Two and half million people traverse the subways each day in the U.K. Did the bootlicking moron hear of a thousand crushed to death underfoot in these crowds?

At the annual Tablighi Ijtima’ in Dakha, Bangladesh, a million congregate in a comparatively speaking confined space without  the  $60 billion infrastructure and American  systems created by the Saudis at the behest of their American masters. Did the moron hear of people being trampled to death and thousands being injured at the Ijtima’?

There are gatherings of millions of people in different countries taking place on a regular basis, but we do not hear of the disasters which are incrementally besetting the Hajj ibaadat. This should suffice for thinking people to understand that Allah Ta’ala is punishing the Ummah for their treachery and immorality.

In conclusion, the bootlicking bootlegger says:

While I must recommend to all Muslims to treat this as Act of God. And my faith is that now Allah is testing all Muslims that whether Muslims will be scared of all these difficulties or go ahead with the Hajj in the years to follow. In due course, I believe the jealous international media will keep shaping up our views by pointing wrong and baseless arguments and do their best to put differences among muslim hood. So the ball in our court.”


Yes, there is an imperative need to understand that the disasters are Acts and Commands of Allah Azza Wa Jal, and that these Acts are His Punishment for our gross transgression and treachery. Muslims should stay away from Saudi Arabia. Only those upon whom Hajj is Fardh should undertake the journey. For the vast majority of people, Saudi Arabia has become a holiday resort. The intention is not ibaadat. With evil intentions and haraam deeds, the Holy Cities are being defiled.

The search for scape goats pays no profitable dividends. Muslims are planning their own destruction with their own evil and reckless violation of Allah’s Commands. We understand the consequences of our evil from the Qur’aan and Ahaadith, not from the ‘jealous international media’. The Saudi media are part of the international kuffaar media. The Saudi regime is part of the western kuffaar conspiracy against Islam and the Ummah.  Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam), warning us of Allah’s Punishment in the form of natural disasters in times in proximity to Qiyaamah, said:

“…….the man (i.e. the husband) will become subservient to his wife; knowledge will be acquired for purposes other than the Deen; a man will be insolently disobedient to his mother; he will bring his friend close (to him), and distance his father (from him). Voices will be raised in the Musaajid. People will appoint their (worst) faasiq to be their ruler. At such a time await a red storm, earthquakes and transfiguration (of people into apes and pigs)…..”


The stage is being set for these developments.

21 Zil Hajj 1436 – 5 October 2015