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A Sister from Zambia writes:

“Assalaamu alykum wa rahmatullahi wabaraakatuh


I just started following all the articles that ended with ZULFIKARS MASS ITEKAAF on 29 Aug. 2015. The life here in Lusaka has suddenly taken a bad downturn with the currency devaluating fast, and too much of load-shedding.

The ulama here have started issuing fatwas of how we are responsible for it because we are sinning too much. But the main issue they fail to tackle here is the hypocrisy of these same so-called 'religious people'! (Our Comment: Generally, worldly difficulties, hardships and calamities are undoubtedly the consequences of our sin and transgression – reckless and flagrant transgression which has become the culture of the Muslims of this age.

The worst culprits, as you have  correctly observed, are these ‘so-called ‘religious’ entities who operate under Deeni  guise and cover thereby  hoodwinking the masses and  deceiving themselves with their unfounded practices of  ‘ibaadat’ such as mass I’tikaaf, public halqah thikr sessions in the Musjids, Musjid opening ceremonies, mutilating the laws of the Shariah to suit their  nafsaani motives, etc.

So, whilst the ulama are correct in attributing the problems to ‘too much sinning, they adopt a holier than thou attitude by adopting deliberate blindness – they fail to understand that they are the primary causes of the ‘too much sinning’ in the Muslim community.  They not only totally abstain from Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahyi Anil Munkar, they in fact are the originators of the ‘too much sinning’ which is destroying the Ummah, world-wide – The Majlis)


We have two types of people here in Zambia. The ‘tasawwufis’ that do  zikr and meditation. They are the followers of Moulana Zulfikar, and the other type are the Tablighi Jamaat people.
1. The Tasawwufis have a madressa here called  Jaamia Zainab which teaches all things like living, eating, social relations, haya, pardah etc., yet their own madressa is filled with hypocrisy as mentioned in previous article.

They have a subject called Haya and Paak Daamini (Shame and Chastity). Now how can you have women from other countries coming and living with other families that have non-mehrams just so they can study at the Jaamia, yet all Jaamia courses can be studied online as well.  (Our Comment: They are experts in the art of manipulating the Shariah – making the Shariah subservient to their evil whimsical fancies and nafsaani motives. They have acquired the science of Shariah-Mutilation from the Ulama of the Yahood and Nasaara who were the masters in this field.

Their concept of Purdah is to tie a rag on the face exposing the eyes, and this is the be-all of Hijaab in their ideology. They recklessly trample on Allah’s commands and prohibitions.  They are absolutely blind to the evil and dangers of women travelling from abroad, from city to city and boarding and lodging with ghair mahrams. All of this haraam shenanigans are justified in the name of the Deen. As long as the sins and transgression are given an ‘islamic’ hue, these become ‘halaal’, and a sufficient basis to abrogate the 14 century Shariah of Allah Ta’ala. – The Majlis)

Also how can some of the apas (female teachers) claim to be ‘aalimahs’ when they live alone without mehrams. A 9 year old boy living is counted as a mehram!

(This is the type of shenanigan they perpetrate, justifying it with stupid and haraam arguments. – The Majlis)

I am a straightforward person.  I asked the  Jaamia both these questions, and the answers I got were  that the women who come to study have so much love for Hazratji (i.e. Zulfikar) that they want to be in his madressa to feel the atmosphere. Isn't that hero-worshipping? Or shirk? To break Allah's law because of love for a human?

(OUR COMMENT: Their justification of an explicit  prohibition of the Shariah is akin to kufr. The kind of ‘love’ which these miscreant females express and which the miscreant ‘hazratji’ condones, is akin to zina of the heart and mind.  Inclination to females  under Deeni guise  is a sign of  the ruin of  a man who  portrays himself as a ‘sufi’. – The Majlis)

And the other answer is that the  apa  who lives alone is from the family of  Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam), so we can't say anything because we have to just respect her. So if you are from the family of the Nabi (sallallahu alayhi wasallam), does that mean the laws of Allah do not apply to you?  Can you follow only  what suits you.? I don't believe that Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) himself had bent any rules for himself.

(Our Comment: The morons  who presented this  silly, haraam argument to justify their haraam, perhaps believe that everyone else is a moron capable of  swallowing  the falsehood they disgorge. Being a Sayyid is not grounds for abrogating any law of the Shariah. – The Majlis)

2. As for the Tablighi Jamaat people. They go for so-called jamaats for months at a time, then soon after having returned, they go again, spending hardly any time at home. So many of the wives feel scared to complain of their loneliness or how they feel so neglected because they feel it will look like they are not allowing their husbands to go in Allah's path. Their children grow up without supervision and get hooked to bad ways because  the father is not in the house to control them. Are’nt  you supposed to make effort on your own family before others - sweep your own doorstep before you sweep doorstep of others.

(OUR COMMENT: Sadly, much ghuloo’ (excess and deviation) has  crept into the Tablighi Jamaat. Your observations are  correct. We have  published a book, The Ghuloo’ of the Tabligh Jamaat, which discusses this issue.  Tabligh is Waajib first at home. Commanding such home-Tabligh, the Qur’aan states: “O People of Imaan! Save yourselves and your families from the Fire whose fuel is people and stones.”

The people of both these groups have  knowledge of the Deen, but if you look at their lifestyles you will see none of them put any of it into practice. I can only pray they all realise the error of their ways.  (OUR COMMENT: Seldom do people realize the error of their ways. In fact, they take up arms against those who proffer sincerely the Haqq and Naseehat. They become the enemies of those who  proclaim the truth. –The Majlis)

24 Zil Hajj 1436 – 8 October 2015