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In a desperate, but futile bid to control the massive damage which the horror carrion chicken revelations caused, the named and shamed company, Supreme Poultry, now claims:

“Supreme confirms that no reworked product has ever been supplied into the food service or retail sectors, which include Pick n Pay and Shoprite Checkers under their own brand names, as well as the Supreme brand.”

This belated and desperate damage-control exercise will not convince consumers to the contrary of what City Press and other media had exposed. This statement is calculated to cast a haze over the exposure of the horror story. Consider intelligently the following facts, then evaluate Supreme Poultry’s flabby, damage-control statement:


(1)  The City Press stated very clearly:  “Johan Matthee, a former production manager at the plant, said in the almost two years he worked there, “hundreds of tons” of unsold chickens were transported back to Supreme and reprocessed. He said that expired chicken thawed for 24 hours at room temperature after it had been transported back to Supreme. Some of the chickens were treated with chlorine to reduce bacterial load. He said chickens were never scientifically tested to determine levels of micro-organisms. They were then injected with brine, repackaged and sold with a new expiry date.”


(2)  “Two other former Supreme employees confirmed Matthee’s version and said the practice had been “continuous” since 2004.”


(3)  The current spokesperson for Country Bird, which owns Supreme Poultry, Tish Stewart, said: “Reworking of chickens returned by clients is permitted by law within certain guidelines and the product may be used for specified purposes after reworking, including human consumption, animal consumption or rendering.”


(4)   Tish Steward also stated categorically: “Reworking happens in Supreme Poultry and throughout the industry continuously.” Stewart further confirmed that some of the expired poultry was treated with chlorine. Any reworked chicken was placed in new packaging with new production and expiry dates.  It is important to note that most products are distributed on the same day of production….”

(5) The paper, Rapport, stated: “Three sources with first-hand knowledge of Supreme Poultry’s operations at its Botshabelo plant told Rapport they had been instructed by management to repackage old chicken.


(6)  The company concedes that it does “rework” old chickens (of expired dates) for “human consumption”.


The Company now has to contend with:

(a)  If the  chickens  were chemically treated – ‘reworked’ - and repacked in new packets with new expiry dates, then to whom did Supreme Poultry supply these haraam carrion products bearing the MJC’s ‘halaal’ logo? If not to Pick n Pay and Checkers, then to whom? In the absence of a clean response by Supreme Poultry, consumers will be justified to believe that these ‘horror’ haraam, carrion chickens were supplied to the poor sector of the nation and to the many Muslim Cash & Carry wholesalers who sell millions of tons of haraam carrion chickens annually. Supreme’s denial of having supplied Pick n Pay and Checkers with the recycled ‘horror’ chickens does not exculpate it (Supreme) from the cruel reality that these expired chickens, treated with chlorine and whatever else, have been ‘repackaged’ for “human consumption”. They were not repacked in brand new packets, re-dated , etc. for rendering and for reduction into fertilizer or whatever other haraam product these diseased chickens are used.


(b) Pick n Pay’s claim that these recycled ‘horror’ chickens were not sold to them, does not ameliorate Supreme’s woes and plight. Recycling and repacking the ‘horror’ chickens for ‘human consumption’, and not supplying the carrion to Pick n Pay never means that these ‘hundreds’ or millions of tons of ‘horror’ chickens were not off-loaded to the numerous other wholesale and retail outlets for ‘human consumption’.


(c) The candid and explicit statement by Tish Stewart the current spokeswoman for the Company confirms that this devilish practice is “continuous” and “happens throughout the industry”. This is first-hand information at the highest level. The belated denials therefore have no validity.


(d) Regardless of Supreme’s criticism of its former production manage, Mr. Matthee has spoken with authority and quite unambiguously. Furthermore, two former employees of the Company have confirmed Matthee’s version.


(e) And what about the three others “with first-hand information” confirming the ‘horror’ practices? They are current employees at the plant.


And as far as the Muslim community is concerned, we have no fight with Supreme Poultry. Our concern and fight are with the shaitaani carrion halaalizers who halaalize carrion and rotten meat which according to Islam is not fit for even dogs and vultures, and which only the shayaateen consume. The Maitah produced by Supreme Poultry and all other commercial chicken killing facilities are Haraam for Muslim consumption.  Horror practices, such as the vile practice of chemically treating diseased chickens and repacking them for human consumption under the ‘halaal’ logo are totally unacceptable and revoltingly disgusting to the Muslim community.


In terms of the Shariah, the MJC who is the ‘halaal’ certifier of Supreme Poultry is guilty of haraam complicity in this ‘horror’ scenario. The ‘horror’ chlorination of old haraam chickens which have out-frozen their expiry dates, their removal from their ‘halaal’ logo packets, and repackaging speak volumes for the total lack of MJC supervision at the plane. Non-Muslims had to expose the ‘horror’ scandal.

The recycled, chlorinated, haraam maitah chickens by the hundred ton, are double ‘halaalized’ without the MJC being able to distinguish between right and left, haraam and halaal.  The Muslim community must wake up and understand what they are being fed by these vile carrion halaalizers.

The MJC’s little sister Maitah-Halaalizer, namely, SANHA, had very admirably skinned the MJC with its under-cover investigation of  Supreme Poultry, albeit for its own haraam goal – for ‘poaching’ in  MJC carrion pastures, according to claims made by the MJC. In its secret Report, SANHA had driven the final nails of destruction in the MJC’s coffin of discernibility. The SANHA Secret Report had thoroughly defeathered, skinned and unmasked the MJC for its halaalizing of haraam carrion, and Maulana Yunus Patel Sahib had sallied out strongly in support of SANHA in the process of condemning the MJC for its Maitah stunts. However, it is now eternally lamentable that the very same SANHA who had flayed the MJC alive, has degenerated sub-MJC in the barrel of haraam Maitah stunts.

With the passage of time, Allah Ta’ala will expose the halaalizing carrion racket increasingly so that the Ummah understands exactly what rot and filth Muslims are consuming under the haraam subterfuge of ‘halaal’ logos which suck millions of rands from business people to fill the coffers of the carrion pedlars. Allah Ta’ala, warning Muslims regarding the consumption of carrion –shaitaan’s food, states in the Qur’aan Majeed:

“O People! Eat from the earth what is halaal and tayyib, and do

not follow in the footsteps of shaitaan, for verily he is your open

enemy. Verily, he instructs you only with evil and immorality,

and that you fabricate on Allah what you know not.”