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In the midst of an array of Fussaaq so-called ‘scholars’, posing for haraam picture-making, is the Faasiq Reverend Abram Bham who masquerades as an Aalim of the Deen. While this criticism is applicable to the entire lot of miserable agents of Iblees whose ugly faces appear in the group photo which includes faasiqah women as well, we single out the evil Reverend since he still pretends to be an Aalim of Deoband, and is known and accepted as a valid Molvi by Muslims of the Hanafi Math-hab. As far as the other moron ‘scholars for dollars’ and ulama-e-soo are concerned – those who appear in the photo – there is no need to comment much since their satanic credentials are well-known in our Hanafi community. No one really has any concern for the Bid’ati, modernist miscreants.

However, there is a need for the Muslim community to understand that Reverend Abraham Bham is a shaitaan in human form. In this there is no doubt. The photo testifies vociferously for his fisq, fujoor, dhalaal and zanaadiqah. His very Imaan is in doubt.

The late Sufi Pandor Sahib (Rahmatullah alayh) would turn away from the Musjid if Reverend Abraham Bham happened to be leading the Salaat. He would go to another Musjid since he believed that Salaat behind this Iblees in human form was not valid. At that time, despite our vigorous criticism of this Reverend character, we would advise that Salaat is valid behind him. However, now we have changed this view. Our present stance is that SALAAT BEHIND THIS EVIL CHARACTER WHO STABS THE DEEN IN THE BACK IS NOT VALID. Henceforth, anyone who suffers the misfortune of being trapped in Salaat behind this treacherous Reverend Abraham Bham, should repeat his Salaat.

This Reverend uses the Deen for gaining some filthy name and filthy glory. He plunders and pillages Akhlaaq and Imaan. He is a destroyer of the Sunnah and a destroyer of the Deen. Any person showing respect for this Iblees comes within the scope of the Hadith:

“He who respects a faasiq, verily the Arsh shudders.”

and the Hadith

“He who honours a bid’ati, verily he has aided in the demolition of Islam.”


Reverend Abraham Bham is a confirmed bid’ati, a confirmed faasiq and a confirmed faajir. In fact, by his halaalization of acts made haraam by Allah Ta’ala, he is a confirmed Zindeeq.  He is bereft of the slightest vestige of shame. He is like a person who has pulled off his trousers and ignominiously displaying his satr-e-ghaleez to the public. That is precisely what he is doing in the haraam group photo. About the vile frauds who masquerade as scholars and leaders of the community, Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“Verily, I fear for my Ummah the aimmah of deviation.”

Rasulullah’s fear for the Reverend type of devil is sufficient to register the villainy and evil of this Bham character.

His public appearance in a haraam photo flagrantly advertised in violation of every rule in the Book of the Shariah, clearly demonstrates the agency of Shaitaan which this Reverend operates. He is always seen in  haraam and dubious  public functions scrounging  for publicity, name and fame like a sewer rat at the bottom of the barrel of filth and muck. Whilst he professes to be a Muslim, this villain cannot be a Muslim in terms of the Qur’aan and Sunnah. Shiahs also proclaim themselves to be Muslims whilst they are among the worse kuffaar. Yet the Reverend Abraham Bham is perfectly at home with the Shiahs and the neo-Shiahs and the pro-Shiah Ninowy crowd of shayaateen. The entire cabal in the haraam photo is the League of Iblees.

This villain Reverend advertises himself as a ‘maulana’, yet he has no haya, no sharam – not the slightest vestige of it – to join in a group of villains, fussaaq and fujjaar together with faasiqaat and faajiraat, flagrantly posing their ugly snouts for public consumption in flagrant and rebellious violation of Allah’s prohibition. Together with the ugly mob of  moron imbeciles with whom he poses, the Reverend Villain Abraham Bham is a murderer of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam), for he murders and disgracefully tramples on the Shariah and Sunnah of Muhammadur Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). It is HARAAM to offer Salaam to the villain reverend. It is HARAAM to respond to his Salaam. He has confirmed that he is an open enemy of the Deen. So should he be treated. May Allah Ta’ala save the masses from the evil, satanic clutches, traps, wiles and wares of this Iblees who prowls in the community in human form.

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9 Rabiul Awwal 1437 – 21 December 2015