Rotten Chicken Industry-What The Non Muslims Say

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* “Frozen Chicken Horror in SA – I feel ill!”

* “I think this is disgusting. How can they repackage expired chickens and put new expiry dates on it? Is this how far people go to get our hard-earned money?”

* This calls for a boycott of chickens. Has anyone noticed how bad KFC is these days? Always under cooked and never consistent, maybe it’s the chicken suppliers. But then again a store manager once bragged that their primary target market (the majority population group) has been conditioned not to care about quality through the way SA was and will gladly eat whatever chicken is served. Welcome to South Africa.”

*    “KFC uses Rainbow Chicken, not that helps with why their food is not so good anymore….”

*   “Country Bird Holding must be ashamed of themselves, making money through disgusting practices and misinforming consumers about the quality of their product, this is deplorable behaviour, the chickens are coming home to roost. Let us boycott their foul fowl and save ourselves from their insalubrious chickens.”

*   “Complain to them directly, in fact class action lawsuit???  Misleading the public???Surely that’s illegal somehow.”

*   “Jackie, after contacting some stores they confirmed to me that they source their chickens at more than one supplier. This article also confirms these rubbishes were supplying KFC and Nandos as well.”

*   Johan Mathee should be hailed as our own little Assange for his revealing of these things. How many other dirty secrets is the food industry holding, and to think we pay lots of moola to actually consume this poison. Time to boycott.”

*  “It’s a well-known Fact that mass produced, Brine filled Chicken (and any other meats) takes up to four times longer to cook than their slow grown fresh alternatives. Couple that with the fact that this Recycled Chicken  is a breeding ground for Salmonella and other Bacteria, is it surprising that so many people get food poisoning? It’s best to slaughter the bird oneself, that way you know it’s fresh – farm fowls that are really free range are also not pumped full of antibiotics and they are not plumped up with water injections.”

*  “Checkers is definitely guilty of water injections!!! Just look at the chicken next time. Lots of liquid in those packets. That is not normal!!! Blood is what should be present, not pinkish fluid. I stopped eating meat completely since the quality is so ……. lately. I won’t even feed it to dogs if I had any!! Do realise that you are paying for the weight of the meat, so next time make sure that you are not paying for unwanted liquid!!!”

*   “…..Be careful not to get Listeria monocytogenes which is deadly or Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease which is incurable and invariably fatal…..”

*   “The big problem I see with this is the long term  health effects. We often think that as there is no immediate effect on our bodies, we are safe. I just read that it increases chances of cancer, due to beta particles and gamma radiation. Would this be an issue – what sort of levels are we taking in?”

*   “G-Man, think about it you Moron! I would like to know that the chicken I’m eating has been dipped in Chlorine. You might not taste it, you might not get food poisoning but you most certainly will get CANCER from it after years of exposure…..”

*   “Yeah, no food poisoning but how about the long term damage that will hit in the form of some disease later on, like everyone seems to get.”

*  “The last two packets of “fresh frozen chicken” I bought from Pick n Pay were rotten. I decided never to buy meat from PnP again after that, long before this story broke. The horror just validates my decision.”

*   “Kobus  Thank goodness I never eat frozen chickens.”

*  “Long term effect idiots! You may feel good for the next 5 years but eating chicken injected with chlorine and what not, will have their repercussions….Of course there is something wrong  with what people are eating, its revolting what people consume as food. I for one eat no reconstituted processed foods. It does not even qualify as food.”

*   “Actually these kinds of things won’t have any short term effects, but  just think why we have so many diseases in the world and what does it do to your immune system, especially for people who are HIV positive.  It can’t be good. This is probably happening globally and hence we see a global trend of declining health and diseases, some of which medicine can’t adequately explain.”

*   “A warped economical system and consumerism is at the root of the problem I used to work at Kekkel n Kraai many years ago packaging chicken in the back. Fresh chicken was sold “fresh” in braai packs and once it expired, they are put in those 5 kg bags and sold as frozen chicken. I made sure everyone knew never to buy the freezer bag.”

*   “Thanks to the media for disclosing this disgusting practice…..I will never ever buy meat at shoprite. They recycle all their meat products, and pay very little to expiry dates. Why worry when all they do is repack the meat with a new expiry date. …..people in charge should be jailed for feeding us expired products, so that their greedy profits are reached at the expense of the consumers’ health. They will not stop until we boycott these thieves, …..I think that it’s also about time that more people who do these evil deeds speak out against their greedy bosses.”

*  “Chicken is one of the scandals  of the earth…..I will not put beyond my lips, frozen chickens lying anywhere, KFC, Nando’s or any chicken from anywhere. Battery chicken husbandry is a disgrace in the world…. “

*  “This is nothing new. I’ve worked in the hotel industry for mat years. Believe me until today I will not eat from a buffet in any hotel. I think you should believe the person that is the spokesperson for the company that has now been exposed! Everybody does that!”

*   “As the import manager of one of the biggest poultry importers in South Africa, and after years of having being subjected to the lies and misinformation from the local poultry industry, this information is hardly surprising and frankly just the tip of the iceberg. …..Lastly, unlike imported chicken, local poultry does not get tested for selmonella and other harmful bacteria, and more damaging, is not deemed fit for export to any markets other than Africa.”

*   “…….It’s about us as human beings. If all you care about is that the meat was ‘reworked’ which is horrendous of itself and has terrible implications for our health, then we have serious problems………It’s because of our selfish need to consume that those companies are able to get away with this.”

*   “Shouldn’t there be a legal action against the suspected parties? Where are the consumer action groups and voices? The only way these conglomerations learn is when it hurts their bottom line …”

*   “Washing stale chickens with chlorine cannot be healthy. I won’t be surprised that the other 2 chicken companies did the same.  …As for KFC and Chicken Licken, you cannot eat that food if it stood after an hour after you bought it. Now I know why. It is rotten.”





IT IS MOST LAMENTABLE that despite Muslims being an Ummah of moral, spiritual and physical Tahaarah (Purity), the case against rotten haraam carrion chickens, and carrion meat in general, has been taken up by non-Muslims who do not have the slightest idea of Taqwa and Tahaarah. It is among the Sunnah of Allah Azza Wa Jal to demote an ungrateful people, and to elevate another group in its stead. Then the new-comers will acquit themselves more honourably. Stating this Divine Principle, the Qur’aan Majeed says:

“Listen (all of) you! You are called on (by Allah) to spend (your wealth) in the

Path of Allah. From among you are those who are miserly. Whoever is miserly,

he practises miserliness to his own detriment. And, Allah is  Independent (not

in need of  ‘your’ wealth), whilst you are paupers. And, if you turn away (abandoning

your obligations), He will substitute you with another people who will then not be

so (hopeless) like you.”   (Surah Muhammad, aayat 38)

While the aayat in the first instance refers to a new Muslim nation who will substitute the current  ungrateful Muslims who have abandoned their obligations and their Deen, it (the aayat) has a general application. Allah Ta’ala is Ghani (Independent). He extracts service from even His kuffaar ‘servants” whom He harnesses into the field to either punish Muslims or to execute the duties and tasks which are in the first instance the obligations of the Muslim Ummah. The Qur’aan testifies to this principle elsewhere as well.

The Majlis has for more than four decades consistently warned and informed the Ummah of the haraam carrion trade which unscrupulous halaalizing outfits have been plying with horrendous brutality, and with total disregard for the physical, moral and spiritual health, and the Imaan and Akhlaaq of the Muslim community. Compounding the contumacy and treachery of the haraam certificate bodies is their full awareness of the haraam status of the carrion products which they certify for Muslim consumption. We take oath by Allah Azza Wa Jal, and say that they are more aware than us of the haraam carrion status of these filthy products unfit for even dogs according to even non-Muslims as the comments establish.

The carrion halaalizers are insiders having all the information and the reports which conclusively establish the carrion status of the chickens and other meat products which they certify. We are outsiders who have acquired and accumulated a mass of irrefutable evidence to eternally damn these miserable outfits. Despite this, the insiders are privy to considerable more information than us outsiders. Despite them having recognized and understood the haraam status of their certified carrion products, they are in abnegation and shamelessly deny evidence which they themselves have confirmed to by crystal clear and more conspicuous than the sun at midday. They deny the Haqq in exactly the same way as the Yahood and Nasaara had denied the Nubuwwat of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam).

Referring to such brazen and treacherous denial of Nubuwwat by the Ahl-e-Kitaab, the Qur’aan Majeed states: “Those to whom We had given the Kitaab (Tauraah), recognize him (Muhammad, the Nabi) just as they recognize their own sons. Verily, a group among them conceals the Haqq whilst they are aware.”

Wallaah! This is precisely the condition today of these carrion-halaalizing outfits. Today, innumerable non-Muslims have taken up the fight against the halaalized carrion. Remember, that the current ranging controversy around the carrion chickens pertain directly to halaalized chickens –  carrion chickens halaalized  by SANHA and MJC.

Every pejorative epithet which we have employed to depict with the rotten carrion chickens is today being echoed by non-Muslims after the exposure of the ‘Frozen Chicken Horror’.  The comments abound with terms such as rotten, diseased chickens causing diseases such as cancer, etc. The perpetrators of the ‘horror’ are described by non-Muslims as ‘frauds’, and there are calls for legal action.  It is indeed sad that Muslims remain blind to something which is so obvious that non-Muslims find no difficulty discerning and condemning. The reason for this blindness is the moral and spiritual corrosion which has ruined the Baatin (Soul) of the Mu’min, and this corrosion is the direct consequence of decades of haraam carrion consumption and sin in general. Such flagrant and rotten disobedience is fatal for the morality and spirituality of Muslims, while non-Muslims, due to their kufr, are able to withstand its effects for a considerable time.

For decades we have relentlessly called on the Ummah to abstain from this rotten, carrion poison and filth. In this regard we have been steadfastly following the Sunnah of Nabi Nooh (alayhis salaam). After 950 years of relentless calling and calling and calling his errant, miscreant nation to the Path of Rectitude, he (Nabi Nooh – alayhis salaam) cried to Allah Azza Wa Jal:

“He (Nooh) said: ‘O my Rabb! Verily, I called my nation night and day, but my calling only increased (their) flight (from the Haqq).  ……Then verily, I called them vociferously; then, verily, I proclaimed (the Haqq) to them publicly and privately.   I then said: ‘Seek forgiveness from your Rabb, for verily, He is Most Forgiving. …….”   (Surah Nooh)

Then Allah Ta’ala informed him, that his people were inveterate transgressors who will never heed the Haqq. Thus, Hadhrat Nooh (alayhis salaam), invoking Allah’s curse on his people, said: “O My Rabb! Don’t leave a single one of the kaafireen (walking) on the earth. Verily, if You leave them, they will only mislead Your servants and they will give birth to only immoral kuffaar.” (Surah Nooh)

Muslims should not await the fate of the nation of Hadhrat Nooh (alayhis salaam) befalling them. Such a fate is always the ultimate consequence of contumacious, flagrant and rebellious disregard for the Law of Allah Azza Wa Jal.

Muslims are urged to have mercy on themselves by saving their souls and their bodies from the disaster of the carrion filth which the incorrigibly evil, mercenary halaalizing outfits are recklessly halaalizing. They are bereft of the slightest vestige of fear for Allah Ta’ala and the Reckoning in the Aakhirah. The haraam millions of rands they  exanguinate from the business people for halaalizing the RIJS – rotten, filth, haraam carrion chickens and meat – has  completely killed their souls and extinguished their Imaan, hence they have no care for the Ummah. Their primary objective in life is MONEY, no matter how it comes and from where it comes. This attitude, said Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) is among the signs of Qiyaamah.

Muslims are supposed to utilize their Aql (intelligence) to restrain and overcome the inordinate dictates of their carnal desires and emotions. Just reflect for a while with an unbiased mind: Why do these miscreants halaalize the carrion chickens of non-Muslim multi-billion rand empires? 99% of the halaalized carrion chickens is for non-Muslim consumption. Muslims constitute less than 2% of the country’s population. Now why would these supposedly Muslim outfits assume such a terrible colossal burden and responsibility on their shoulders – the burden of halaalizing products, 99% of which will be consumed by non-Muslims who have no care whatsoever for halaal/haraam?  If you are honest with yourself, the only conclusion you will be constrained to arrive at is MONEY – HARAAM RIBA MONEY at the expense of destroying the moral and spiritual fibre of the Ummah.