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The South African government has presented a 6 metre bronze statue of Mandela to the kufr authority which the West has imposed in Western Palestine. There is nothing surprising in the acceptance of the idol by the kuffaar authority currently in control of the West of Palestine. What may come as a surprise, although to us it is no surprise, is the flagrant display of kufr by a shaitaan in human form, namely Reverend Abraham Bham.  This type of human shaitaan was predicted by Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). The kufr of this shaitaanul ins will come as a surprise to many Muslims because this miserable character masquerades as a Muslim, and he even conducts Salaat, which obviously is not valid.

Regarding statues and pictures of animate objects, Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“The worst-punished person on the Day of Qiyaamah will be the image-maker (pictures of animate objects and worse, of statues/idols).”

“Every image-maker will be in the Fire.”

Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) has likened the image-maker to a murderer of parents and a murderer of the Ambiyaa (Alayhimus salaam).

Besides these few narrations there are many Ahaadith which unequivocally proclaim idols, statues and pictures HARAAM. He who halaalizes statues/idols is a murtad if he had been born a Muslim. The most ignorant Muslim who may be the most immoral person is also aware that statues and idols are Haraam. Every Muslim who is sincerely a Muslim has a natural abhorrence in his/her heart for statues. Those who profess themselves to be Muslims whilst honouring a statue are not Muslims. They are munaafiqeen and zanaadaqah. This vile Reverend Abraham Bham whose brains have become divinely vermiculated, congratulating the kuffaar authorities for their idol-worship, said in a silly statement of kufr about the statue:

This is symbolic. Looking at Mandela as a symbol of freedom.”

This Reverend of the Cross claims to be a Muslim, yet a haraam idol symbolizes ‘freedom’ for him. But for a Muslim it is not only a symbol of kufr and shirk, it is actual kufr and shirk.

This evil Reverend Abraham Bham is indeed a great Curse (La’nat) on the Muslim community.  It is absolutely revolting that not a single one of the conglomerate of molvis of the NNB jamiat of Fordsburg deems it necessary to kick the shaitaan under the pants and to organize for his expulsion from the jamiat and for his excommunication from the Muslim community.

The Signs of Allah’s Impending Athaab on the Muslims of South Africa are becoming clearer by the day. We warn all the silent and dumb devil molvis who condone the kufr, bid’ah, fisq and fujoor of the community – we warn them to take heed of Allah’s Warning:

“Beware of such a punishment which will overtake not only the transgressors among you.”  (Qur’aan)

26 Rajab 1437 - 4 May 2016