Thursday, May 31 2018 Written by Administrator  



A man in Durban is organizing a family iftaar. He is encouraging married couples to participate. At the party which will be held at the beach. It will be a free for all mixed gathering for enjoyment. Can this function ever be termed Iftaar? What does the Shariah say about this type of function?


The Shariah says that this function is a haraam shaitaani zina party. It is a kufr merrymaking party. It is kufr because the Deeni term, Iftaar is being manipulated to justify the gathering where the commission of zina is a 100% certitude. It is a confirmed function of Shaitaan because the Devil gathers his legions at sunset at the beach where these filthy, lewd  specimens will be gathering for their haraam so-called ‘iftaar’ party.


Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that the eye commits zina and the mind and heart also commit zina. The inceptional stage of zina is the lustful glance of the evil eyes of the fussaaq and fujjaar slaves of Iblees.


Only those who think like pigs and who have lusts as pigs will ever have the blatant audacity to attend this shataani filth called ‘iftaar’. No decent Muslim who has any understanding of Ramadhaan and the ibaadat of Iftaar will ever venture near to this party of the Devil.


Iftaar is a time of intense Ibaadat. These moments should be used to supplicate fervently to Allah Ta’ala. But these pigs from whose every bodily aperture percolates satansim and zina will derive lustful and carnal pleasure from a haraam party where Shaitaan will be the chief host. These vile specimens of creation posing as Muslims are actually paving the path for the ultimate act of fornication to be perpetrated in the streets just as dogs and pigs cohabit. This has been predicted in the Hadith.


Allah’s Curse and the Curse of the Malaaikah settle on these lustful  vermin every second of the duration of  the function of the Devil, dubbed ‘iftaar’ We are yet to see worse acts of fisq and fujoor, and even kufr in the public domain all perpetrated in the name of the Deen.

15 Ramadhaan 1439 – 31 May 2018