Tuesday, June 05 2018 Written by Administrator  



A group of women very defiantly entered the Musjid in Ormonde for iftaar and Salaat. Despite the Musjid authorities prohibiting them, they stubbornly remained and refused to leave. What is their status in terms of the Shariah?


These women bereft of any vestige of haya (Imaani shame and modesty) conducted themselves lewdly like prostitutes. Perhaps they are lesbians. It is never possible for a decent Muslim lady of respect and shame to ever acquit herself with such obscenity as these lesbians had flagrantly, rudely and in Shiah style displayed.

Some people say that they are affiliated to the Shiahs and their invasion of the Musjid was a plotted fitnah. The motive is to create mischief. Lesbians and prostitutes are experts in this satanic art of causing fitnah and fasaad.

The fact that they selected the Musjid for their immoral fitnah confirms their satanism and the sinister elements goading them to commit the atrocities which they had perpetrated in the Musjid. They are lewd Munaafiqaat according to the Shariah. 

The trustees of this particular Musjid have to bear the evil liability of the haraam stunts of the immoral lesbians/prostitutes. It is a case of the chickens coming home to roost. They had opened the doors for   this invasion by street scum whose morality is of the sewer drain type where rats prowl. The trustees of this Musjid had made provisions for ‘ladies’ facilities, and had even invited them to view the Musjid at the haraam opening day ceremony. Now what they are seeing are the consequences of their haraam and flagrant flouting of Allah’s Shariah by having thrown open the Musjid to these obscene, immoral lesbians-type women. May Allah Ta’ala save the Ummah from these legions of Shaitaan.

20 Ramadhaan 1439 – 5 June 2018