Masks during Salaah

Monday, February 08 2021 Written by Administrator  

Q.   What is the ruling regarding wearing covid masks during Salaat?

A.   Wearing the niqaab of Iblees (the confounded mask) in addition to being Tashabbuh bil Kuffaar is also akin to kufr because this devil’s niqaab signifies acceptance and belief in the theory of contagion of the atheists. It is haraam to wear it during Salaat. Outside in the streets and when constrained to go to public places, endeavour, as far as possible not to wear this hideous satanic contraption. If zulm circumstances compel you to wear it, then abhor it and recite Istighfaar. But, do not ever wear it in the Musjid. If the munaafiqs in control of the Musjid seek to enforce the niqaab of Iblees then perform Salaat at home.