Tariq Jameel, A Mild Criticism

Friday, July 20 2018 Written by Administrator  

Tariq Jamil a Dispassionate Mild Criticism

Maulana Taariq Jameel’s Bayaans – A Cause for Concern

This article attempts to answer a basic question:

Is it safe for the layperson to listen to the bayaans of Maulana Taariq Jameel Saheb? By ‘safe’ is intended Deeni safety. In probing this question, the following six points will be concisely considered:

A. Al Kalimatul Haadi

In September 2010 Mufti Muhammad Eesa Khan Saheb published a book entitled:

(The guiding word toward the straight path, in reply to the one who conflated the truth with many falsehoods). The book is in Urdu and about 360 pages. In this book Mufti Eesa Saheb discussed, in detail, many errors of Maulana Taariq Jameel Saheb of Pakistan, the famous Tablighi orator. His problematic statements were transcribed and then refuted.

Upon completion, the book was presented to certain senior Ulama of Pakistan for their comments. The following Ulama endorsed the book.

Tariq Jamil a Dispassionate Mild Criticism