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There is a Turkish drama, ‘Ar Tughrul’ being shown on television. The Muftis of Madrasah Jaamiatur Rasheed of Karachi have issued a fatwa of permissibility. The following is their fatwa.

Translation of the Fatwa

Among the contemporary Ulama-e-Kiraam there is difference of opinion pertaining to digital pictures. According to some, such pictures are permissible while others (other Ulama) say that it is not permissible. According to us, in the light of the dhuroorat (dire need) there is scope for making and viewing digital pictures. Hence, in our opinion there is scope for viewing and selling the Ar Tughrul drama because in this drama is shown the history and culture of Khilaafat-e-Uthmaaniyyah. In viewing it, there is the opportunity for the Muslim youth to become aware of Islamic history and culture which is a very important need of this age.

However, since in this drama the activities of some females are also shown, it is necessary to abstain from looking at these women. If it is difficult for any man to restrain his eyes from the women, then for him it will not be permissible to view this drama because it is a principle of Fiqh: Warding off harm has priority over deriving benefit. Therefore, if there is the fear of evil looking when viewing the drama, then it is incumbent to abstain from sin. In this instance it is not permissible to look at the drama. (End of the fatwa which is signed by three Muftis of the Madrasah).

Please comment in the light of the Shariah on this fatwa.


The drivel (ghutha) which this fatwa contains is indeed surprising. It is surprising and lamentable that three Muftis from a well-known Islamic institution have acquitted themselves with such puerility and incompetency as illustrated in their fatwa. They have displayed lamentable ignorance regarding the application of the principles of Fiqh which they have referred to in their fatwa. Such incompetence is not expected of even students who have not as yet acquired qualification in the sphere of Iftaa’. Minus Taqwa, shaitaan exercises a strong influence of the muftis.


The objective of Fatwa is to bring Muslims closer to Allah Ta’ala, not to widen the chasm which transgressors have created with their fisq and fujoor.


In addition to portrayal of academic incompetence, the Muftis have displayed spiritual (Roohaani) bankruptcy. They appear to be bereft of Khauf-e-Ilaahi (Fear for Allah Ta’ala/Taqwa), hence they have so audaciously and stupidly legalized something (the drama/TV show) which consists of several major (Kabeeerah) sins. To soothe their conscience and to display expertise, the Muftis have cited Fiqhi principles without having correctly understood the import and the incumbent conditions for the applicability of the Fiqhi principle.

TV Drama Show.