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Hadhrat Abdullah Bin Amr (Radhiyallahu anhu), narrating a Hadith, said:

“There will dawn over the people an age when they will assemble in their Musaajid and perform Salaat whilst not a single one of them will be a Mu’min.” 

Undoubtedly, the Fitnah mentioned in this Hadith is being incrementally played out in this age. This is the era of the dominance of the FITNAH OF KUFR AND SHIRK. The FITNAH of KUFR is embedded in the Muslim community of this era, world-wide. 

The greatest achievement and victory of the colonial powers, especially Britain, was the establishment of kuffaar regimes in every Muslim country. Whilst, the colonialists had superficially relinquished political control of the lands of Islam, they are to this day in full control and domination of the greater part of the world. In this greater part, every Muslim country without exception, is a serf-state, a puppet state – a western kuffaar bootlicking state. 

The colonialists have undoubtedly succeeded to impose kuffaar rulers and regimes in every Muslim country. While these rulers sport Muslim names, they are in fact kuffaar of a variety of sorts. They are Munaafiqeen, Zanaadaqah, Mulhideen and Murtaddeen. 

The most effective kufr-producing machinery established by the western kuffaar for the mass production of munaafiqeen, zanaadaqah, mulhideen and murtaddeen, is their educational system.  Brothel universities which dole out donkey degrees on the attainment of accomplishment in the variety of donkey sciences, are the primary machines of kufr in the satanic plot to destroy Islam. 

One such product on whom centres this dissertation  is Abraham Rasool who had recently been the centre figure in a Hindu wedding of shirk where a mock ‘islamic’ nikah was also concluded  under the umbrella of shirk and kufr. This character has made stupid and abortive attempts to acquire Islamic licence for the marriage of shirk and kufr. He has abortively attempted to justify the blatant shirk and kufr perpetrated by so-called Muslim participants, including the juhala MJC sheikhs and hybrid ‘maulana sheikhs’.  In this regard he has proffered a silly, epistasisical vindication replete with kufr. 

Instead of achieving his goal of exonerating himself, the bride, the groom and his MJC juhala cohorts from the Shariah’s decree of Irtidaad, he has miserably failed. On the contrary, he has only succeeded in conspicuously portraying his kufr aggravated by shirk.

Fitnah of Kufr & Shirk-Hindu Wedding

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